Vitalik Buterin Becomes Billionaire As Ether Hits $3K

Vitalik buterin is the co founder of ethereum and now he becomes a billionaire because ethreum hits $3k. Right now ethereum trading at $3,410 which is huge and since last year it increased very well.

BSC giving tough competition to ether chain because bsc chain has same use cases like ethereum as well as it is low fees chain. But ethereum managed his second position.

Vitaly dmitriyevich is a russion-canadian programmer and he is also known as a vitalik buterin. It is known for ethereum founder. He is the one of the first person who involved in blockchain.


He founded bitcoin magazine in 2011 And he founded ethreum in 2014. Recently, He donated 100 ether and 100 maker (mkr) to indian covid-19 relief fund.

So buterin is self made youngster billionaire who is 27 years old. Ethreum is the reason behind this. In 2018, he described his main wallet to his public address and this address balance reached 1 billion in balance now.

This address currently hold 333500 ether coins. And if we check the USD value of these total ether then it worth 1141667215 USD. Erc20 is the oldest chain and more than thousands smart contracts and projects are made on this chain and still new smart contracts and new tokens launching on this chain.

Along with buterin many crypto people becomes a richest in this year and only blockchain can do this. So obviously this is the best field of making money where lots of minded people involved.


Vitalik buterin first ever invented blockchain applications. That means we can use blockchain in multiple purposes. So not only trading but there are lots of use cases of blockchain.

We are sharing content here and that content earning crypto is a another best use case of blockchain so this is just example.

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@tipu curate

04.05.2021 12:20

This is just the starting we can see 10k for eth in the coming years just wait and watch the magic. And hold tight your altcoin.

07.05.2021 14:58