PayPal, Visa to Allow Customers to Pay With Cryptocurrencies

Postivity is everywhere now. Paypal is old and stable payment service provider that works globally. This payment service used by forex exchanges, merchant and service, paid to click companies, hyip platforms and many more services using paypal.

I was started using paypal first time in 2012 and that time hyip, forex trading and ptc sites were popular way toearn money so i used paypal to withdraw and deposit money to
these sites.


As well as i was launched my own PTC site and used paypal, payza and perfect money as a payment method for the users.

So i mean to say that i am well aware with paypal and i still owning verified paypal account but never used it because now most of the people using crypto and i am too.

Visa seeking for other partner as well as they have launched pilot program with which is working on this framework so soon they will allow crypto on their platform too.

And now let's talk about paypal announcement. According to paypal United states customers can also now pay with BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin & Bitcoin Cash.

So these crypto coins are available for payment and later they will add more coins. They not said more about this but this is my personal assumption.

Any payment made in crypto will immediately be converted to United states dollars in order to complete a transaction.

After elon musk's tesla anounced to use bitcoin, these two are the biggest announcements and surely it will take crypto to the next level. I think other companies should come ahead and adopt crypto otherwise they will late.

Because as you know that early adopters always get big benefit from crypto so those who are already using bitcoin since beginning are rich.

So that's what i want to share with you. don't forget to share your thoughts regarding this very important update below in the comment section.

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@tipu curate

31.03.2021 13:10

This is great news and a great step taken for PayPal users also. This will even encourage more people to join the PayPal also

31.03.2021 13:57

hi @luckyali ,
when I first saw the information I thought it was great news, but after seeing the limits, I was disappointed because 2000$ in coins is not a big amount, paypal limits users a lot with the limits not to mention their fees are really crazy.

02.04.2021 13:49

This is very positive news for the world of crypto currency. But in India we are having uncertainty what will happen to the crypto market.

03.04.2021 05:29