Let's understand the Difference Between Ethereum and Ether


Someone asked you that How to buy Ethereum & Ether? Without thinking you just give the answer to that person but you know the question is wrong in itself.
You think is common thing but it is not because we should know the difference between currency and project, services or produuct.
If someonewrite like this Ethereum [ETH] so we can easily understand. So ethereum is the blockchain based platform and Ether is currency or in other word you can say coin that fuel this blockckchain platform at name is ethereum.

Vitalik buterin is the russian programmer is the inventor of ethereum and he invented ethereum mid 2013. In 2014, he presented the whitepaper of ethereum in miami united states.

This is the first ever platform where you can create a smart contract and decentralized dapps.

So ethereum is not just a crypto currency but lot more of it. Now let's talk about the ether.

You know our vehicle need fuel and without fuel vehicle is nothing. You can take human example. As we need water, crypto projects need crypto coin that can fuel them.


Ether is the c crypto
currency which pors DApps, smart contracts & transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. So guys that's how blockhain works.

As you know, Ether (ETH) can be programmed for many use-cases like for enabling smart contracts, running DApps, generating tokens during ICOs, and not only this but also for making standard P2P payments.

Now you can understand how important ether (ETH) is. You can buy and sell ether but you can't buy and sell ethereum because ether is currency and ethereum is platform.

Here you can take the example of hive and steem blockchain. Both platorm has coins like sbd, hbd, steem and hive but blockchains are different than crypto currencies.
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I've been so wrong all these while! I've always been thinking that ether is actually a short form of Etherium but I have really learnt something extremely different today.

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