Is google pay safe to use ? You should be careful

Hey there I hope you are doing well guys. Today i want to talk about google pay payment service which is most popular service to pay and receive fiat. I am using this service since one year and i have great experience with it. So i can say this is the best payment service for local payments.

The first thing that i liked in google pay is sending money is very easy than net banking. If you want to send money to anyone and even that person not using google pay, you can do it and you can send money directly to his/her bank account without adding beneficiary and verifying it.

You know adding beneficiary in net banking is the headache. Because first you have to add the beneficiary and then wait for approval and it takes almost 12 hours which is frustating and time consuming process.


In google pay, you don't have to take a tension about it. Just enter the name and account number and send money. If receiver has google pay account too then it is just 3 click process. You can send the money on his/her mobile number or UPI id very quickly.

So because of these facilities i really like this payment service but things that you have to be careful is it's QR code. There lot's of fraud people abusing QR code feature.

Especially, when you open facebook market place.OLX or any other marketplace, you will see lots of scammers there who will fraud you on google pay or other UPI apps. So what is the solution to save yourself from these bastards?


The solution is avoid doing payment with QR code and you will be safe. Double check when you transfer money because in google pay you just have to enter the pin and the money will be transferred. So that is why you have to be careful.

There are no otp system like you have in net banking service. So simply avoid using QR code payment. Yes it is safe to use on shop but not with random person.

So i hope you found this post is helpful. Don't forget to share it. Have a good day.

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@tipu curate 2

14.05.2021 11:40

I have been using Google pay for last couple of years and so far I never had any issue with security and email transactions were almost success for every time. I truly understand that when it comes to payment processing application or platform security is the first thing that we look for and I am happy that with Google pay my experience has always been best and thanks to you for sharing this post about this topic which is quite an interesting one and worth reading. thanks.

14.05.2021 11:43

Thanks for your great comment. There are lots of indians using google pay and the it's popularity is increasing more.

14.05.2021 11:44

My wife once used it and installed an application. The applications was free, but they took from her about 10$ and when she found out about that, she contacted the support of google pay. They said that they can't do anything about it. Since then she unlinked her card from there and we decided to never use it. So, it's unsafe. They can take money without even asking !

16.05.2021 06:45

If that is happening then you have to stop it using but i have no other better option so that is why i am using it. i am Sorry for your loss...

19.05.2021 04:39

I look forward to the day in which we will just walk around with our crypto wallet and pay in the same way. I know, it is possible with quite a lot of tokens already, but it hasn't gone mainstream yet. But, I for sure look forward till the day when it becomes like that!

14.05.2021 12:33

I am also looking forward to see it. It will be very good for us when we can transfer crypto like fiat by using this types of payment services. I mean to say crypto should go to mainstream like fiat.

14.05.2021 12:46

This is really educating, someone like me will find it rather convenient to use the QR code since it seems faster but gladly I found a post like this which seems safer.

15.05.2021 14:23

I think you should not do it in future because it is not safe but yes it is good option to use on cafe or mall

19.05.2021 04:40

hello @luckyali,
what gives confidence is that it is a great company, I do not know if this service is available for my country because of the controls that the state has to citizens, on the other hand that an app helps us to reduce the time we spend on these things is great, I am very curious about this service, I will investigate, thanks for giving us the details of security.

16.05.2021 23:40

I am really glad that you liked it. I don't know about the venezuela that this is working or not in venezuela. Stay safe buddy

19.05.2021 04:41