With touches he touch the heart of yours


When someone feels you and understands you, they understand how you think and feel your heart.

When it is not just about physical attraction, it is this intimacy that is the only thing that is true and that leaves traces, and it is the only thing that means something.

Because in the long run, you increasingly need people around you, who will connect with you, on that deeper level.

Those people where it's not important just about how someone touches you, but about how he caresses you, that you feel those touches of his, as if he caresses your heart, that is when all your meridians relax.

And so without words they build a relationship, with touches he touch the heart of yours.
Thus begins the construction of a new world of yours, in which you are both safe, loved, accepted, from each other.

Make peace with yourself, love, feel heartbeat, and stop trying to be someone who you are not, because no one is perfect.

Only when you accept yourself are, you will be able to build the right relationships, able to love the person next to you and love yourself.

Image: photography from my LG Q7

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yes, this is true, we should be what we are and should accept ourselves.

06.05.2021 00:57

Thank you 💛

06.05.2021 05:02