We are always stricter with ourselves


When someone tells us that we are guilty of something, why do we immediately believe that we are really guilty of something?
And why do we start defending ourselves at the same time?
And why does it always affect us so endlessly that we just gossip about this thing and think about it for a few more days?

We have to conclude this for ourselves, and tell ourselves, no, that’s not true. We don’t need to bother or prove to anyone else, we don’t need to prove to them that they are wrong.

And why is the opinion, even of such insignificant persons, so important to us?

Because it is our excessive self-criticism, desire for perfection, responsibility for the mood of others, and responsibility for the happiness of other people.

There is no proportionality between how we see ourselves and our actions and how we see others.

We are always more lenient with ourselves than we are lenient with others, and we do not have the same criteria.

We are always stricter with ourselves, but why?

Image: photography from my LG Q7

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This is an interesting point of view. Maybe I should listen less and try to be less strict haha. Thanks for a quality post. Picture is also beautiful. I really like Slovenia when I was there.

20.04.2021 06:12

Thank you 😊
We all should be less strict...but it is not allways eazy...those are just my thoughts...or point of you☺

20.04.2021 07:43