Go after your dreams and you will be happy


You can always create what you want, but of course you can find more excuses that you can’t create it. In fact, you need it for yourself, just one really good reason to create it.
That 's a good reason that you do it, for your happiness, for love, and to do if you want to feel it and you want to have it.

The excuse is nothing but the fear of failing, the fear of dying to leave the comfort zone.
You know people around you who are not happy and and you think about how they will look at you if you go after your dreams and you will be happy.
But that shouldn't hold you back, you should never care what others think. Those who will afford you happiness will also afford it to themselves. And those who don’t afford you happiness, don’t really afford it.

That sentence in you that you hear, what if I fail? And what if I succeed? You basically know yourself, when you go your own way, and when you no longer care what else is going to happen.

For when your heart is warm, you will be happy no matter what, remember.
You can’t know if you’re going to succeed or not if you haven’t even tried. You dare. That alone is enough to make you feel happy, free, and leave excuses.

Image: photography from my LG Q7

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