Ways of mindful apology!

Ask yourself if you still don't feel apologized after apologizing to someone? Maybe that person really forgave you and showed it by action but you are holding the emotions. If the answer is yes, then know that you are not the only one.


I got to know the reason recently. And that is, we don't apologize mindfully. We say sorry but don't mean it, we don't ask for forgiveness from our heart. Maybe the person forgives us for our sorry but we ourselves don't let go of the things from our heart. And that pokes us continuously.

  • Owning our mistakes.

We don't feel sorry from the heart because we don't try to own our mistakes. A single sorry is never enough if you don't mean it from the bottom of your heart. Also, keeping the promise to not do the same thing also is also necessary. This also requires owning our mistakes.

  • Forgive and forget.

After apologizing, try to forgive yourself and forget that. Otherwise, you will not move ahead in life. Shame, fear, and discomfort will not let you keep a healthy relationship with the person.

  • Start over.

Our mistakes make a scare in our relationship for sure. To soothe the wounds we need to start over. Make better communication, keep the commitment, and keep a healthy relationship.

However, sometimes you will find it really hard to apologize thyself. Stop creating pain in your heart, don't remind yourself of the same incident again and again. If you try to cooperate, communicate, be committed then you can feel apologized from the heart. And you also can do better when it comes to forgiving others.

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