I picked a little ginger from the garden to create presses and extracts for teas, ...

... infusions, sodas, and food preparations. I know @debora.janzen and @zanoni are very connected to the foods they collect, prepare, and consume; who else out there feels a magical, esoteric connection to their food?11c24d1d0fb4d72a87bd2611a59f699d

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I neglected to mention @lonistellina. She regularly shares some amazing pictures of some powerfully healthy and delicious vegetarian foods. Who else did I forget?

04.12.2020 23:22

Yes, the quality of food is so importend for your life. My 15year old daughter just said the other day that she is very grateful that I cook so fresh and healthy. What a compliment from a teenager😊

05.12.2020 15:48

Remarkable and commendable. She and you deserve commendation. Wisdom like that from a 15 yr old finds it’s roots in who you are and and how operate on a daily basis. Kudos.

05.12.2020 21:25