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I'm still questioning myself,


Everytime when i'm introducing to the whole people arround this World, or at least the Steemian Planet, something like a new futuritisc platform, in our case, right now, like Stakecube coin platform, not so many are responding positively and take action in registering right away HERE:

In my opinion this platform will play a major factor in the crypto world and expecially for the staking protocols inside the Blockchain.

In this short blog i'll explain how you can buy a coin instantly, without fees, directly for the market price. In our case it's about Stakecube coin as i've mentioned above:

Besides buying the coin, you also support the project at the same time.

You can purchase it inside the platform through the awesome "Quick-Buy" function.

One awesome advantage of registering here: is that you do not pay any fees for your purchase, as usual you are doing on exchanges.

Here, you will get exactly the amount you wanted and the complete amount of Btc, minus the network transaction costs, obviously, which are used to support the project without StakeCube charging or collecting any extra fees.

You can also simply invest in coins without the need of knowledge about how to use a crypto exchange, which will make your entry inside this cyrptonian new era, easier for many of those who are new in this space.

Every purchase of coins inside are generating stake rewards right away and you can use them in any other function inside the platform.

The market price of the assets that are existing inside the platform ( and i will present them or at least a few of them immediately) is always pulled from the supported exchanges and will always guarantee liquidity and also will protect against overpayment.

The advantages that will be brought to you by supporting the project with your investment are very easy to be understood:

As we all know, or at least most of you who are older inside the cryptonian Matrix, many coins, especially with little volume and little liquidity are facing the very known problem of buying and selling against the market, which, almost everytime, generates large price fluctuations.

All the Investors and coin developers out there are very interested in stabilizing the price and making it less volatile, so, this being said, if there is no big demand, we all know that, even smaller sales can push the price down.

That's why the "Quick-Buy" function, inside the platform is supposed to strengthen all the coin markets, expecially those supported by Stakecube, and to generate potential for the price growth.

Here is the explanation on how the Quick-Buy button protocol functions inside of and also to understand how your purchase supports the project:

When a User is buying coins from the Quick Buy pot, this kind of transaction does not generate a market buy or sale.

After this 1st acces of Qucik-Buy button, StakeCube sends 100% of the collected Btc to the supported exchanges, this process operating several times a day.

This kind of quick orders are achieving the purpose of Quick-Buy and takes us further to a better contribution to the price stability and more liquidity.

As soon as a user sells his coin on the market and the Stakecube Quick-Buy order is filled, which, is also called Buy-Back protocol, those coins that have been purchased, will be sent back to the Quick-Buy crypto pot.

This kind of cryptonian process is operating several times a day.

I think this kind of protocol of staking/exchanging cryptos inside the Blockchain will be the Future.

The whole structure of Stakecube is having this plan of 3 in 1 plan, having the role of a staking platform, as well an exchange platform and the availability of Masternodes protocol.

The coins/tokens that they are supporting at this moment are more than 45 as an amount of crypto assets.

Here are a fw of them: Stakecube Coin (SCC) their main coin, Bitcoin, Pivx, Deep Onion, Reddcoin, Syscoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monkey Project, Vitae,Peng, Privcy, Digibyte.

Soon Energi (NRG) will be listed as well for the staking/masternode protocol and one coin for which i'm happy to present it as being involved in this proposal to be listed, as being an ambassador for it, is Musicoin.

So, for you to be able to sustain our Musicoin project and vote for it inside the Stakecube platform, please feel free and join the platform here:

Soon, i'll be back with news about the exact time frame when Musicoin will be listed inside the voting board protocol of



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I started staking a little amount on this platform thanks to you: 100SCC and 0.005BTC. There are no masternodes shares available for SCC. I'll just have to wait.
as for #Musicoin on the platform, I only see 20 coins we can vote for and Musicoin is not on the list. How do we get it on the list?

10.02.2020 16:57