The lost Symbol - Albrecht Durer and its cryptonian magic number of 34


I think everyone knows the awesome painter, printmaker, sculptor, mathematician and theorist, Albrecht Durer, who lived between 21 May 1471 – 6 April 1528.

A very representative artist for the german Renaissance era.

We can place him among Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni and Leonardo DaVinci.

I did some researches on his work and i've even studied some of his art-works, one of this, being the famous "Praying Hands" which i was very excited to re-draw it under my own artistic sketch and it was an awesome moment to be able to analyse this sketch after i've finished the whole drawing process.

The most amazing thing i've discovered is on another artwork of Albrecht Durer, entitled "Melancolia I" on which appears on the right corner, a sacred square with 4 rows of numbers.

After you'll analyze it, you'll be shocked to discover the fact that Abrecht Durer was the first artist who invented this concept of the sacred number 34, which took me to the next level, realizing that in this new cryptonian world, every btc or trx wallet adress has 34 symbols ... interesting, right?

Bellow you can see the sacred square he invented on which, either you are multiplying the numbers, horizontally, vertically or in diagonal way, the sum of those numbers will always give you the sacred symbol "34" ...

Awesome, right?

Here is the magic square and you can check it out:

16| 3| 2|13|
5|10|11| 8|
9| 6| 7|12|

We can find out that the value of the sum will always be represented, mathematically speaking, as the formula bellow:



Much precisely, this can be translate for our magic square like this:

In Albrecht Durer's case, in the case of a 4 x 4 square , the sum would be represented like this:


S = ----------

After we'll divide the number 4 in two, we'll end up wth the number 17 which, multiplied by 2 we'll have the sum of the magic 34 ...

Crazy, indeed, expecially in an artistic perspective ...

Maybe, from the Renaissance Era, the cryptonian futuristic one, have been already developed, somewhere in an external matrix, 'till the Time arrived ... and ... Voila ... it's here ... almost implemented ... :-)

Hope you didn't got bored with my magic 34 ... 3+4 = 7 ... in the end as well :-)

Every number has a sacred Gematria behind its symbol ...

This ... in another blog ...

Regards steemians.

Meanwhile, enjoy some music, steemians ...

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