The adventure of LukArt, Masterchef Chen and Jedi Yoda

I know that some of you were expecting such an awesome adventure on which Jedi Yoda will appear :-)

Here we are ...

After our master LukArt has always been in telepathic contact with each master from different dimensions ... the exact time has come when that special Jedi should be invited on an adventure ... and this Jedi was to be Yoda :-)


We know that LukArt started his adventures on which he invited all the great lego masters :-)

Everyday he is meditating, no matter if he is alone on Marsoom planet or maybe at the Shaolin Temple ...


The Light was always guiding him ... and this time, Jedi Yoda heard him through his messages ...


He has prepared for this journey and he has even his Lightsaber with him, even if, honestly, he doesn't need it :-)

His powerful mind and knowledge of every secret of what we would call Life is far more higher than some would think ...

The most interesting thing is that something within his soul and mind is very connected to what a normal human from this Earth would call it as a "gourmand" :-) "Mmmm, Food, food is good!"

Therefore, on this next adventure the entire Tribe of masters are waiting for him, and the most important one who will be Yoda's best friend, will be, Masterchef Chen, the brother of master Xian who is waiting for Yoda on their magic ship, cooking for him some amazing vegan recipes.


Masterchef Chen is one of the most amazing cook inside the cryptonian planet but as well a perfect master of martial arts.

We will see him cooking some awesome recipes from the chinese cuisine.

See you soon people from Lego planet with a new adventure inside planets and oceans within the majestic encrypted Galaxy ...

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