Mr.Biggie the Troll meets Jedi Yoda/Tusken Raider and Scooby Doo brothers

What an awesome story ...

Imagine the happiest troll in the entire Galaxy ... Mr.Biggie ...

I still wonder if the name comes from the fact that he maybe likes the food very much :-)

I can understand him ...


While he spends his time alone ... having visitors from other dimensions, such as Jedi Yoda and Tusken Raider are the best moments of his Life ... especially for the fact that Jedi Yoda enjoys the food as well ...


On evenings like those, when Mr.Biggie receives visits from Yoda and Tusken are sublime.

They are discussing for hours about subjects that, most of them, are philosophical ... but there is always the maine subject going on everytime ... on which they are debating the latest cooking recipes that are combining food menus from Morocco, China and other places arround the Galaxy ...

The other two great companions of Mr.Biggie are the Scooby Doo brothers! :-))

One is the cook for mr.Biggie and the other a famous shaman from the Tribe of ScoobyDoomanji :-))


What do you want more from such a perfect Life that mr.Biggie has along with his friends?

Friends, Philosophy and Food are three ingredients that can provide a perfect life for every soul around this Galaxy ... and beyond :-)

Enjoy your day people ...

Like mr.Biggie does everytime ... especially when he spends days after days with Jedi Yoda, Tusken Raider and Scooby Doo brothers ...

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16.06.2020 01:16

When I read "and beyond", I immediately think in some guy that could be a perfect friend for these three!! This is a fantastic post, made with great imagination and joyful spirit, I'm with a big smile!!

Thanks for share in the World of Xpilar!!

16.06.2020 09:27

Regards @leveuf

Thanks for stepping by and enjoying my blog

I'm happy to be part of this #community

Hopefully it won't be one of the last mohicans kind of community that remain inside #steemit :-)


16.06.2020 11:45

We hope not!! Time will bring new communities for sure!!
Best wishes for the projects!!

19.06.2020 21:58

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17.06.2020 00:37