Flipside of a society system and purposes in a not very distant Future ... Hyat album also reayd to be purchased


A shared cultural system will always stabilize what we call human interaction.

This will bring the implementation of a value system that will come naturally.

Without such a system people won't be able to act in this so called Life.

Maybe that's why we are where we are now in this very moment of history in Time.

More than that, at this moment, i think, people are not able to sense the signification of all the things around them, as far as the action and the perception requires a meaning, a purpose and such a thing as a purpose needs to be something with a highest value.

Does exist nowadays something like this in the mind/soul of the humanity?

People pretend to be happy, when in fact happiness, for most of the nowadays society exists or it comes to the surface of expression only when the individual is feeling the sense of progress ... no matter on which plan of his Life ... isn't this so?

Without such a system of values, soon or later, people will be dominated by the terror of existence, this leading the humanity and the society we are seing today, very fast, to the brink or even right inside the zone of the nihilism that evolves through each second the so called hopeless feeling and its specific desperate mode that we can sense it everyday on almost every human.

So, if there are no values anymore to every soul of this society, then there is no more any purpose, right?

This will be a trap, while the belief systems will occur into getting in a perpetual conflict and this will lead to an eternal kind of a spiritual psychotronic game that will feed the society to stay in this illusoric temptational virtual life that inevitable will lead to its extinction ... and we can see this path that leads in a silence mood some parts of the western civilizations.

Maybe Ordo ab Chao will be the excuse for so many that will represent the ultimate solution for salvation.

Meanwhile, let's see the altruistic side of you people, are there still some?

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