Beautiful Romania - Transfagarasanu mountain road

If you'll ever travel through Romania, don't miss the opportunity to visit its beautiful country-side and i do recommend to travel through this amazing mountain road, Transfagarasanu, which is located between the highest peak mountains in Romania, Negoiu and Moldoveanu.


Its been said that Romania is one of the countries in the World that still has natural water springs with one of the best waters that contains beneficial minerals for our bodies, such as zinc, magnesium, potasium.


I can guarantee that you'll love Romania right after your first visit.

Even if it's Summer right now, up there you could see great amount of snow and the average degrees during a normal mid-day would be arround 11-12 Celsius degrees.

Do your research about Romania dear people and include it on your Journey diaries for Future travels.

Regards a tutti.


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20.07.2019 22:13

Well romania is a beautiful country... Who can say no .. going to this country... i hv been to romania...its like Paradise

21.07.2019 03:59

Really beautiful place

25.07.2019 14:46