A glimpse of some of the most old ethnic woodwind instrument from Balkan area?

kaval germany sah'ra.jpg

Originating from ancient times, the bulgarian kaval is one of the most emblematic ethnic instruments in Bulgaria.

Originally, the shepherds, were playing it.

The bulgarian kaval is a fully opened wind instrument at both ends of the wooden tube.
It has eight playing holes and four at the bottom, which mainly are used for the resonance of the instrument.
You can have a listen on how it sounds on one of my compositions and one arrangement on an traditional bulgarian song:

The African M'Ganga

Shopsko Horo

The name of my bulgarian master luthier that provides me all of my bulgarian kavals is Victor Terziyski from Veliko Tarnovo.
I think this ethnic ancient instrument definetely represents at its highest level of expression, the magic land of Bulgaria.

Enjoy the music people.
Regards a tutti!


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