Daps coin listed inside Stakecube platform

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Regards steemians,

Did you know that, Daps coin started its journey inside Stakecube platform.

Hope that, many of you know that Stakecube is one of the greatest platforms for staking protocol inside this vast crypto blockchain.

You can join here and invest in Daps coin as well for staking: https://stakecube.net/?team=ElBalkumbero

Daps coin has its own protocol as a privacy blockchain with a focus on security,scalability and total privacy.

Its own protocol is based on creating a fully anonymous staking coin and payment system with a trustless governance structure inside this vast crypto space.

Probably a necessary coin inside the cryptonian spectrum.

At this moment you can still purchase it inside https://stakecube.net/?team=ElBalkumbero and as i see its price might go to 0.003 $ and then to hit higher arround 0.0075 $ and this will be just a first phase ... imagine if you will invest here https://stakecube.net/?team=ElBalkumbero just 0.002 btc ... cause at this moment you can still get it for 1 or 2 satoshis.

Happy staking people.


Regards ...


It's my own Nagybonnaci artistic vision

Hopefully, we'll see in the near future, tokens that were built inside #steemit to appear inside https://stakecube.net/?team=ElBalkumbero

I would like to see #marlians #neoxag #atom #trdo #tunes and many others listed inside that awesome platform as well ... but also, let's not forget my #lnbt https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=LNBT to appear as well inside stakecube ...

How would you see this to take place in the near Future?

At this very moment in time i guess we are very good and the platform is growing here and even the so called mistique halving period will occur soon, people will gather again inside platforms like this one to express themselves through their best manifestations within'their sould, rather it's through music, photography, painting ... or simply ... just blogging ...

Happy and wiser investments steemians and soon will happen'the 2nd episode of giveaways of #lnbt https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=LNBT through some upvotes/resteems/listenings from your sides, dear steemians.

Soon, will be announced this new episode and you'll find out the tasks that needs to be done, to be able to receive your #lnbt tokens https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=LNBT

Ciao a tutti!

Enjoy one of my latest tracks composed in collaboration with a fantastic guitarist:

Sometime Ago


Ciao a tutti!


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