New accounts devoted to art/music founded recently through my #lnbt token

LN & Black & White Logo Artwork - The African M'Ganga.jpg

I'm very pleased to be back much more often inside #steemit community and i do hope that my #lnbt token will start to become more known day by day, expecially inside platforms like #actnearn which was a pleasant discovery made by me, recently, inside #lnbt

I must admit that since i've started this new Journey through my #lnbt and also by posting my music on @atomcollector platform, i've discovered such great new acounts that are also involved in having their own tokens inside #steemit to remunerate all the users who are investing/tagging their names here.

I think #steemit has the potential to re-inforce its stem-power of the hole blockchain and through these accounts/tokens the Future might be better.

Soon, more campaigns through my so people will be more involved in my Journey and will receive their #lnbt

Have a cool Day all of you steemians, neoxians, marlians, palnetians, tuneians, creativecoinians, and actnearnians :-)

This sounds, like, "Actnearnians from Narnia" :-)

Meanwhile, enjoy some of my music compositions, while you'll invest in my #lnbt token:

Point of View - composition played with our Balkumba Tribe



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