Sunset at Docters Cave Beach Mo' Bay Jamaica... Cover Material for "More Light, More Life, More Love"


What's good Travelers and Reggaesteemians!

Yes,yes, this beautiful #Sunset was done at Docters Cave Beach Mo' Bay
If you travel to #Jamaica and got a chance to spend some time in
Montego Bay, you should check it out...


You gotta pay to enter... i think it was 600 Jamaican Dollers
(about 5-6 US$).
For my daily beach that would be a no,no, if you stay longer,
but if you just visiting, it's ok to pay once or twice.
Especially if you wait for sunset between 18.30 - 19.00 the money
is definitely worth it.
I got another shot of the sunset without my big head in it :p,
and i am planning to make a cover out of it for the next tune
coming out "More Light, More Life, More Love".
What do think? Fits the topic, doesn't it? ;)


And make sure you are kind of organized with your transport,
because it is gettin' pretty dark pretty quick in Jamrock.
E.g. i exchanged numbers with my trusted and official taxi driver,
to call him and pick me up, to bring me back home to my cottage.
I mentioned "official", because only the taxis with the official red
plates are licensed to transport people.
Because when it comes to hustlin', every car becomes a taxi, when
they wanna make some dollers ;)

So, take care of yourself!

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Comments 4

Can't go wrong with Doctor's Caves Beach. The free beach next door is ok but too many people are gonna be watching you like "what are you doing here"

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

16.01.2020 04:02

Oh, you talk about One Mans Bay... that is the name, right ;)
Yes, i went there, too and took my bath... and yes, you're right,
the locals told me it's better if i go to docters cave, and i told them...
Nah, i'm ok ;) Man a warrior :P
Actually you remind me of a great pic i got... will create a new post to this ;)
Dmilliz, how about you host my next Mixtape and we promote
also Reggaesteem with it..?
Even for Jamaica, i have this vision, that you could be on the mic, while
i select/DJ di party.... check my mixtapes:

16.01.2020 06:32

LOL they told you that? Last time I went to that beach with my bro and girl. My bro was like " how di man dem a pree we suh?" My bro look like walking money. We just blaze a ting and pree the sunset while people a pree we then we were in our way.

Yeah man, I would be down for that. I used to DJ and MC at many clubs just a few years ago. How would we do it? Last time I did something like that I just made a few drops for the DJ to use, but not really hosting.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

16.01.2020 07:26

Yeah, but i stay there the whole, eating, and with a nice reasoning with a Rasta living on that beach ;)
Ya mon, either you send mi a couple of drops, like you did the last time... or i upload the mix (when it's done) so you can have a listen... or at least i give you the track list, so you can customize the drops...
Can you give me your email here?

16.01.2020 07:41