I see some film critics have been saying that the clown's behavior is revenge for the society, and the tragedy is caused by the gap between the rich and the poor and class. I don't totally agree with this.In fact, if you have seen this film, he is a psychopath, and has been for many years, which is ignored by many people.

External stimulation is on the one hand, essentially because he has mental illness, and suddenly stopped taking medicine.That is to say, his transformation in the film is not caused by one person or one thing, but by a mental patient who has been suffering from mental illness for many years under the comprehensive effect of many elements.


It's very clear in the film

1) He's been in a psychiatric facility before

2) He is taking seven kinds of mental drugs at the same time, seven kinds! Often unconsciously laughing is one of the symptoms.

3) As a child, he was beaten severely and his brain was injured. His mother had mental problems

4) He kept saying that he had been in pain.This is a typical symptom of depression.

Although bullying exists in society, it is also a fact that he does not have a formal job. However, most of the negative thoughts in his mind are not necessarily given by others, but are caused by depression.


For example, I feel that everyone hates him and everyone laughs at him.Although we are sometimes ridiculed, we don't think everyone is laughing at us, and we don't hate everyone for that.This is the difference between normal people and people with mental disorders.In fact, many normal people are optimistic even if they are ordinary all their life.And he's not.He didn't know how to be happy.

He said, "all I have are negative thoughts" does not mean that people do not treat him well. There is no positive thoughts.

It is likely that the part of his brain that creates positive, positive and optimistic emotions has been destroyed when he was injured as a child.Therefore, the symptoms of his mental illness can not be ignored.

These details also explain

1) His mental illness may be inherited, because the main cause of this kind of disease is still heredity, including depression. Heredity is also the main factor, especially his mother is obviously abnormal.

Thomas Wayne, however, forges hospital records and falsely claims that he is adopted because he does not admit it.But he did suffer the beating of his stepfather who came to his mother's marriage later.)

2) He grew up in a disadvantageous environment in his childhood, and suffered from trauma. In the process of brain development, if he is injured, it is easy to cause organic changes in the brain, such as emotional irritability, depression, vulnerability, violence and so on.None of this is due to poverty.

3) Taking a variety of drugs at the same time also has addiction, withdrawal reaction and various side effects
There are also important details of the film is that once the clown had free medical advice and medicine, suddenly there was No.This is actually a complaint against the current Republican health care system in the United States.

What happens to a psychotic who suddenly stops taking medicine?


Most of the drugs for mental illness are used to relieve symptoms, such as insomnia and headache, which require long-term medication.My husband is a pharmacist. He has a lot of patients who have been using it for many years.

However, the situation of these people is indeed more unstable than that of normal people. For example, some of his patients will suddenly commit suicide or go to prison. As a pharmacist, he finds that this person has not come to take the medicine, but his family members come to know.

And in terms of drug abuse, mental illness drugs are the most abused.For example, the medicine for headache can really make some people high, and often become the reason why some people rob pharmacies.My husband's drugstore was robbed, and it's the same kind of medicine that was lost.Why rob?That is, doctors don't prescribe it, but addiction can't be stopped. All these drugs are addictive.It's going to mess up your mind

But if the psychotic suddenly does not have the control of these drugs and psychological counseling, it is easy to make some extreme behaviors and hallucinations (he does have hallucinations in the film).

I think the screenwriter of this film is very attentive, giving a comprehensive interpretation of mental illness patients.The script does not only emphasize that his changes are caused by external stimuli, but constantly emphasizes that he and his mother are both mental illness patients.

The reason why I will take this part out is that I hope you will not ignore this point after watching this film.Because I think the director of this film is not emphasizing that he is poor, antisocial and hates the rich, but because he is a patient.He needs to be treated as a patient.And this film is to hope that we pay attention to this kind of mental patients, especially the low-income group

Because they are often overlooked.In this film, the candidate for mayor looks like Lao Chuan and has similar background. At the beginning, he planned to play Alec Baldwin, which is obviously a Republican representative.Part of the Republican policy is not to care for the poor, because they feel that it is unfair for the rich to get free health care.


That brings me to the second point that I want to remind you. Joker is actually a movie that is very close to American politics. You can see the dissatisfaction with the Republican Party.

Anyway, I just see some people who have seen this film and don't seem to see what I said above.In fact, many of the real killers in history are psychopaths, not just antisocial ones.Just watch more crime documentaries.This is why our society needs to pay attention to the mental patients, especially in the United States, a country that can carry guns, and should further assess and review the mental health of gun buyers.

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