What can I say about steemit to make others signup.

I was dazzled When I first saw this question. Even if @steemcurator01 had asked me this question after my stay in the community, I would have not been able to give a concrete reply.

But after analysing the question, I saw the importance of it. Thank you @teamgnigeria for this platform.

I have come to my own conclusion that, out of a 100% of people in Nigeria. 32% has adapted and tried using Cryptos. 25% has heared of it but are afraid to adopt it because of its risk.

30% of people in Nigeria has not heared of it and 13% of people are discouraged from using it after being scammed. And therefore discouraging their friends too

If I meet someone today, trying to introduce steemit to him/her, I will try to firstly ask if that person is interested in Cryptos.

You could get a couple of NO before finally a YES. When I get a yes, I will ask the person if he has heared of bitcoin.

You might get a NO, if the person is listening to you, you can get to explain bitcoin and its rising statistics if necessary, then go straight to introduce steemit to him/her.

If you get a YES, Then play around cryptoecosystems then show him a chart containing the number which each token occupy in the top100 coin by market capitalization
eg bitcoin is no1.


Then show him steemit number and say, do you know you can get access to this token without buying it. Then I just raised the curiosity alarm.


He will ask how? Then I will tell him that:
Steemit is a platform where you get to belong to a large community of people just like Facebook but there is a twist, you get a chance to receive rewards for every content that you post. TALKING TO MY REFERRAL NOW: you know, I no longer do facebooks because I don't benefit alot from them like I have been benefiting from steemit.

Which social media will pay you for the contents that you post? None! There are alot of things to gain from steemit apart from the payment although it a vita thing. But you will come to join a family, community, group of people you might never meet in your life time, reading about other people lives (their mistakes and corrections).

And others will learn from you. You will also get information about cryptos first hand and that too verified ones to keep you informed.

Then I will tell him that there are group of people called steem-greeters, they will brood you on how to grow on steemit and maximize your better experience. There is a lot for everyone, you just have to fit in.

I believe after this sermon even the people who left steemit due to frustration and no payment, will join again

Thanks for reading through

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That's a great approach. Thanks for joining and good luck.

25.11.2020 17:25