THE DIARY GAME: 5th AUGUST, 2020. Safety measures

Good evening steemians

Welcome to my diary.

I woke up this morning by exactly 6:00am. I realized that I have to get ready on time as well as everybody, so that my dad can take us to the store and get to work on time.

I struggled to rise from the bed after my mom came and shouted at us to get ready before 7am so my dad will not run late.
My mom shouted:

who is supposed to do the chores today.

And my siblings shouted in unison "khuemen". My shortcut name.

And my dad shouted:

you are to do the chores today and didn't do it last night, I won't wait for anybody oh. Somebody called me that is not supposed to call me, and I will still be at home.

I hurriedly finish the chores and jump into the car without taking my bath. I got lucky.

But my mom said she can't leave her birds, at the balcony of the house since my dad said he was not going to refill their plate with food when he comes from work the next day.

She believes that when the food gets exhausted, the birds will escape out of starvation to look for food. So she relocated them inside the house, so that her mind will be relaxed.

But unfortunately, she didn't make it on time so my dad nagged, and left her. When these things happen. I respect myself oh.


This is me at home inside the car

We got to the store and started doing our duties so that when she comes she will have little or nothing to complain about.

this is me when I arrived at the store

She calls and send for sur-dust, normally I don't go to the surmay. But today I went, but I didn't see any sur-dust.

I didn't take any picture because I was already drawing too much attention.

I wanted to go and see my friend few distance from the surmay. He was at third east circular and I was at sakponba road by 2nd east circular.
But the fear of "I don't want my mom to come to the store and meet me outside", because she is already pissed. So I went home.

At about 9:06am, BEDC brought the light, I switch on the T.V and I meet a movie titled PRIMAL. At first I thought I wasn't interesting, but 5mins into the film, I began to enjoy it. It was full is suspense, it has a way of holding onto the viewer attention.

The film was good. It 12:01pm and BEDC took the light. I just hope they will bring it when it 3pm. That's the time they normally return the light.

I was looking for what to do, so I took a shovel and started clearing the tiny grass outside the store.

My mom came at about 1:23pm and she was finding faults in the cleaning we did, and told us that she maintained the whole house before coming. So I just humbled myself oh.

It 3:09pm and the lights were restored. Yea! I just tune in into my favorite program WRESTLING.
It lasted till 5pm and I even fell asleep in the process. Before I slept I watched a match were Sasha banks was fighting with Shana bazlier. The match ended in disqualification because auska interrupted the match


here is Sasha banks(blue coloured hair) and Shana bazelier( on black pants) going head to head on Monday night raw

Alright folks my day was seriously programmed, I couldn't enjoy it to the fullness and now I wish to be alone
Good night!

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Thanks for reading through

@lovveday from benin city, Nigeria

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Amazing diary. I love the fact that your diaries are getting better by the day.

Please remember to always do your chores on time so you won't get mum upset.


06.08.2020 08:10