Steem nigeria reality contest: Economic benefit of Steem to steemians


From steem nigeria community

Seasons greeting from @lovveday to everyone

Steem has managed to travel round the world because of the enthusiasm of steemians around the world to bring new members into the platform to enjoy what they enjoy in the platform.

In my search for knowledge, I went to a seminar where I heared about steemit and I just quickly write the name on my browser and saved the result page.

I did my research and found out that Steem was a whole lot of goodies all in one platform. I realized that I hit a jackpot ( so to speak).

Now how has Steem improved my standard of living.

Although I have not been all that lazy and empty, I do have some cash on me and buy some things myself. But since I joined steemit, I have been able to facilitate my financial life.

Some times my mom gets home and see that I bought some things for myself and she will be amazed how I got the money. And I tell her it from my steemit platform.

Recently, I gave her some money to buy a pair of shoes for me and she did.
The shoes I bought yesterday for 1500naira

My brown shoe.

Became of the profit I get from Steem, I have been able to engage in other saving and investment plans like piggyvest! I save the money I got from steemit in my piggyvest account and I got extra bonus. I even withdrew my funds this morning. Beautiful!

I love the steemit platform and the Steem currency because it has given me a base, a stand and a life. I referred some people to steemit online, but they think its a pyramid scheme. Because of covid-19 I could not meet them to talk tete-a-tete.

With the aid of the reward I get from Steem, I buy data and attend online lecture for personal development. Like am currently enrolled on a diploma course on Alison (social media marketing analysts).

I don't know if I will be given a certificate, but am not studying for the purpose of certificate. Am attending classes for knowledge only.

This Yuletide celebration has been an awesome one. I could buy shoes, materials to stitch clothes for myself and accessories all with my profit from steemit.

Thank you steemit. Happy new year everyone!

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