Books are a collection of paper, blank, written, or printed, bound together; commonly, many folded and bound sheets containing continuous printing or writing.(information).

Many books have been written by great people and many are still under improvement. I love reading books became I have come to this conclusion that the ideas that will change the world is already written in a book. Great thinkers try to put down ideas on a piece of paper in order to preserve them. So I can get I dead and inspiration from reading books.


I love to read non fictional books but I can't read a book with big spines for long especially when its not able to capture my attention. If any book capture my attention because its interesting, I will read it through not minding whether it has a big spine or not.

the last book I read was titled i know why the caged bird sings the story was written by maya angelou trying to show how people who are discriminated feel and try the path of freedom. The story surround racism. You know there is a difference between the free bird in the sky that enjoys freedom and the bird in the cage.

The bird in the cage sings always sings to comfort the situation and also shows a cry to freedom.

My favourite book is unknown to me yet but from my past books I can say that the tale of two cities is my favourite. It reveals much about the injustice that incited the French in ancient times. The book was written by charles dickens


There are a lot of overrated books out there. I guess you have an idea of what am talking about. Let me know which book you think is overrated so we can talk about it

Are there any book you will recommend for me to read, just let me know please. Thank you for reading about this article

You are this best🍻

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