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Fashion refers to a particular, special and often accustomed trend in the style with which a person dresses as well as a common, current style in behavior or a well know way of dressing or speaking.

Another way you can define fashion in a simple way is that it is a personal style or the way an individual express themselves through appreciation of beauty such as their clothing, different accessories, hair style and the way they put them or combine them together.

Importance of fashion

1 . fashion helps to up with the current Vogue.
2 . fashion makes us ready for whatever changes we face or what life throws in our way.
3 . fashion helps to deny the evidence of constant fear of death.
4 . helps to create an illusion of permanency.
5 . to create an identity.
6 . fashion makes our existence and living feel more real and forever.
7 . fashion helps us to fit in and stand out from the crowd.
8 . fashion reflect our personality or character.
9 . fashion has a way of predicting our mood.
10 . fashion gives us this boldness and confidence when addressing people.

Cloth reflects who we are and how we feel at that moment, sometimes it reflects what we want to achieve in life and we should always put this in mind that the way we dress or put out clothing together determine the way people we see and address us.

Fashion is one thing that does not fade away it keep changing that why there is no year or season that there is no fashion in Vogue.

The way we perceive or see fashion depends on our upbringing and exposure. fashion has both negative and positive ways, it all depends on individual and the way we used it. Let all try and use it in a positive way.

In conclusion, fashion is good and you don't have to spend too much money, all your salary or do things you are not suppose to do just to be fashionable all you have to do is to be creative and imaginative in what you wear and how you combine it together.

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Fashion always go a long way. In our daily life's, fashion is needed for the growth and even with the popular saying that we are address by the way we dress do fashion is needed

11.04.2021 15:49

Yes fashion is very important but we should all learn to control our taste for fashion.

11.04.2021 17:54

Yeah you are right, it also creates unnecessary pressure among people.

13.04.2021 14:32

Yes people start to think and worry on things they are supposed to think about.

13.04.2021 15:02