Jeju Island (feat.Family) -3Day

Jeju Island (feat.Family) -3Day

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An Nong

Finally, Harbin who appeared on the 3rd day with reviews!


Happy New Year

The year 2020 was bright !!!!!

I am 22 years old already.

Can you believe it?

Is the introduction too long?

Then I will go on a trip to Jeju Island

Wear Camellia Village !!

Jeju Island's famous camellia!

I finally saw Harbin.

Who is the flower?

Everyone, you can see the real colors.

Haang I like the pictures I took here!

So Katoksa still camellia flower Harbindang ㅋㅋ

Who is the flower? 2

This is the real Harbin Ae!

What do you like best about photography?

This is my best love. So my phone background is this.

Did you get cute?

In fact, I woke up that morning.


Who is the flower? 3

ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ Everyone, Harbin.

It was fun ^ \_ ^

Advantages of a blog

\= You can just upload a photo!

I'm so pretty ^^

In places where camellia can see other camellia flowers

Compared to the low admission fee!

So we went to camellia community

Have you taken a lot of pretty pictures without real regrets?

the best

Let's go to see many camellia flowers

Next place you can see rape blossoms!

It's CHANGUNE rapeseed !

Actually, I went wrong with citrus fields

But it was a pretty place without regrets

See you in pictures ~


I'm so cute


Rape blossoms in front of tangerines

Isn't it pretty?

Actually, I took pictures in the center of rape blossoms

Family group photo pass

Admission fee is only 1,000 won!

You can think of a little tangerine and all the rest are rape blossoms!

Take a picture, watch a total of 10 minutes !?

Simply a good place to take pictures!

Hehe Now likelihood leaving a ~!

It was because of the sea, it was cold ~~

Typhoon in autumn and cold in winter

I want to come back in spring

First go photo

We went on a bus tour!

At 5,000 won per person

Major bus stops, buses to all stops

We chose the whole stop!

If you want to get off anywhere in the middle of the whole!

I just want to take a picture at the main hotple! If you are a major!

Recommended ^^

The reason why we chose the whole stop

Just to have lunch !!!!

Beautiful picnic that I searched hard and found !

I'm here to eat champon and fried rice

Haang ••

I still remember

Smooth eggs and fire

How is it so delicious?

Fried rice is a combination of real egg and cheese

I love you so much

Champon is really cool and scented

This is the best champon I've ever had!

Real river!

And when you make a cash payment, you give me ice cream 👊🏻

Do you have to eat it when you come to Udo?

Sue and awesome

like this! It was cold in the day so the scenery was on the bus!

Get off in the middle and eat!

I walked to the dock !!!

I was worried that it was a bus tour no jam.

The last route buys dinner at the Alumni Market !

I wished to buy harbang juice at the henna market.


So we bought dinner and went to the hostel!

The food you eat at the hotel is open !!

Tteokbokki + Pig's Feet + Shrimp + Hornhorn + Hallasan

 Really the best combination?

No, I know that delicious shrimp!

But the horn conch

The taste I want to eat again

And this is a secret, but that's not enough

I've eaten Gyochon Chicken

Travel is always sad

I was already crying out that tomorrow is the last time

How happy are you to play every day?

Like this, I lie alone at night

I'm laughing alone and dying!

Then meet you on my last trip.

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