Jeju Island (feat.Family) -2Day

Jeju Island (feat.Family) -2Day

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Everyone finally !!

Day 2 at Jeju Island !!!

This is the beginning of a true journey

Then you're leaving with me now


1226 🍊


I'll admit it now

Significant Announcement

I must admit now

It rained on Jeju Islandβ˜”οΈ

So I decided to move around indoors.

So I went right there !!!!!!!

It's a figure museum!

Because my family loves figures!

What a nice place?

Doctor's Range

Dormamu Dormamu!

Welcomed us at the museum entrance

Dr. Strange!

Face real dog

It's really crazy

I've been joking lately

Look here !!! Joker !!!!

So I left with the Joker!

Everyone, remember that pose


This is Harbin pose pick in Jeju Island

Cute rocket

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most marvelous films

Harbin recently seen!

Everybody said Groot was cute

I was rocket cute.

γ…‹γ…‹ γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ Driving Harbinpick

I'll comment on what's best

It is number 1 from the top ^^

Honestly, I'm so cute

Dobby Is Free ~

And Spider-Man ~

There are so many things to see

I think there are all kinds of things

And my favorite Ariel

Lastly, it's a secret to buy Ariel pouch from souvenir shop.

Figure Museum is really good quality,

There are many kinds of people who are interested in figures

Highly recommended !!!!!!

I really enjoyed my dad figures!

I don't remember the price

If you buy online

You can see many beautiful figures!

The next place we went was located on the Jungmun side


I can explain it in a photograph

Left is pudding

The right is yokan

Looks pretty and delicious

It feels like eating a real Hallabong

It's so delicious!

Both of them are delicious but the pudding was something more interesting !!

I recommend eating both !!

The last place I went was the rice wine

Let's go and say you're really pretty here.

I watched it later, but it's 10-15 minutes.

I went there

Is the car completely out there? I had to park and walk in?

The problem seems to have been walking more than 20 minutes

Even if it's not flat

I have to go that way with huge stones

Scary and dangerous ^^

I arrived across the rough road

There are so many people that I just waited more than 40 minutes!

It's cold and hungry

I wanted to give up

The road was so hard I couldn't give up

That picture was taken !!!

Actually, it was so pretty because I really shot!

But I can't go twice

All the ladies over there

(Of course I included)

It will be a real sneaker or a hard journey, ^^

I thought it was raining in the morning

The wait line took over 40 minutes, ^^

But the reviews are very satisfying

I finally got my first meal

In the evening! I came to eat sashimi!

Unveil the restaurant you found

Combination of defense and cutlass

Real sesame leaves, seaweed, white kimchi, garlic, ssamjang, onion

And if you put it in your mouth !?

Very Choi ~!

The price is cheap, the taste is good, the side is good

Very good restaurant!

It was a place where you can eat!

And Hallasan is the best one day.

I drank too much on this day, ^^

But there's no Hangasan hangover and it's perfect for Harbin!

Aww and my new challenge

Did you wear long boots once?

The bridge looks long and nice

I will use it in the future ~

This is the second day review in Jeju Island.

Ahn Min-kyung is called No Jam again

Even though it's no jam, I was fun

You guys have fun too.

See you on the 3rd day 🍊

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