Travel Yangyang's gourmet restaurant

Today was my favorite menu in Yangyang

Really unforgettable ..! Even at the drink that I came back to Incheon

I'll tell you the best restaurant that I've talked about ◟̊◞̊

I went for lunch on the second day.

Our choice is famous for Sol Beach

It's Gapyeong-ri chicken.

First of all, because it's so famous, the extra pass!

I feel like I'm hiding

It is surprisingly easy to find. Signs tell you from the road

It's like a garden, but this hidden restaurant

How do all you know?

The menu itself is also for body care, but the air is good and perfect!

As soon as you noticed,

It's a place to sell

There are baeksook, ducks, ducks

I ordered it as a nuungji chicken white soak.

We ordered 20 minutes before arrival

I could wait a bit ~

Baeksuk-eok takes more than 40 minutes

If you call in advance about an hour before,

Notice the boss's food pride!

Our restaurant does not contain MSG!

It's a health priority restaurant,

Seasoning is absolutely no no!

Grow your own vegetables in the field! Nono side dish reuse too!

Like a famous Yangyang restaurant ,

I wanted to give 100 points

We arrived on open time and were first guests

How many guests are there even on weekdays?

I didn't stop making reservations at the counter while I was eating.

It's really awesome ... I know why everyone comes here

My love, Gangwon-do ෆ This day is more sunshine than the first day

It was a sunny day! Even if you don't see the sea

Super Blue ~ Yellow ~~ Very good

Many celebrity footsteps-we too Kong Kong!

There is also a room, so it would be great for groups

Now, I'm hungry, let's eat first!

You have to eat the chicken very well, so wash your hands first!

Are you surprised? It's the king of the end plate

The side dish is crazy!

We refilled the side dishes two times while waiting for our main dish

Especially yo leek !!!!!! Real life leek TT TT

I like the giblets so I used to eat leek a lot

Wow, it really tastes like gel!

How can this taste come out ...

It's a Yangyang restaurant I've already played at the side dish!

Not to mention famous pickles and homemade pickles.

I don't have any rice but I'm going to eat the relish

The kimchi was really good ...

Made with vegetables grown directly in the field

It just tastes so different

We ate 100%

Samgyetang has a lot of reservation phone calls !!

When I come back to Incheon,

Unforgettable taste TT TT ... Where parents want to go!

The party we went with said she wants to come with her.

I really liked it

I'll show you the main menu, Nurongji Chicken Soup! :)

It's really amazing ... We call in advance

It wasn't too long!

I boiled it for 40 minutes

There's a bunch of leek on top

The smell was so amazing

If you look at Sol Beach restaurants,

Baeksuk is usually for 3-4 people

But we're three girls eating well!

What do you know, wait for the picture

You cut it nicely

It really tastes like it

Even though I'm posting, my mouth is very ...

Not to mention the lean meat

The soup is very thick and amazing

How do you all know where you are hiding?

It's really amazing but it's really rumored

If you go to Yangyang, you can eat sashimi + seafood

Put your thoughts aside!

It was really the number one restaurant for me

It was awesome, admiration again!

Especially this potato was really delicious

Potatoes are sweet! ~ Oh my god?

I almost wanted to add some potatoes

Obviously, I had a bag stew for lunch.

Why are you hungry again when I write this post?

I still remember the leek and white sour taste!

And the highlight of this house!

If only chicken is delicious, gather it ~~~~

We've made Nurungji chicken white rice !!

Even though we have so many

I've eaten all the time ...

On the way to the highway

It's too late

One person and I can be Nurungji Holic

I told you I couldn't scratch it.

Go ~~~~ The smell smells very vibrating!

It's really amazing

I don't want to have a good Nuungji Chicken Baeksuksuk

Garden feel, Gulpyeongri chicken

If you go to Yangyang, it's a must-see restaurant!

The day is good ~ I'm so full

It's the memory of the happy second day

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