Open the view of Sanbangsan restaurant

Open the view of Sanbangsan restaurant

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The island is famous for everything.

It's a little modern look

You can see the sunrise rise beautifully

You can also feel the emotions in the calm sunset.

And there's one place left, just south, where you can see a different look.

It's not pointed or very high.

There are many restaurants around here.

It's also a favorite place for me every time I go.

I'll introduce two restaurants that Sanbangsan loves

If you go to the open area

I'm starting to see mountains that are unusually curved.

Under the blue sky, it looks like someone's drawing

It's been counted in my heart.

There are a lot of buses going this way so it's easy to get there.

It's perfect to stop by before going to Sanbangsan restaurant.

It's a big advantage to be able to go there

In particular, this scene that changes every time comes with a different feeling

Like it's my first time, it's exciting and fun

In the Sanbangsan restaurant I'm going to visit

It's also a place where I caught two rabbits

This is where I often go among the houses below.

It's called Brother's Island Bomal Kalguksu

Kalguksu is famous for its boiled boal noodles.

It's so popular that it's full of people every time you go.

It's an emotional Sanbangsan restaurant.

There are so many restaurants where you can feel the mood even more ^^

As always

I felt good as soon as I arrived.

The sleek black building is slightly curved

It's neat and meticulously memorable. There are large windows installed everywhere.

Outside sunshine and cool sea breeze come together

It's hygienic and well managed, so it's a more emotional place.

Last time I came to eat bomal kalguksu and closed the door

So don't be disappointed

In addition, I wrote on the door that it's nice to meet you.

The short sentence made me feel the island village.

Go through this door and you'll find a neat shop.

Besides, the entrance that pushes the side door is a good way to feel more friendly and simple by the seaside restaurant!

Its name is going to have a friendly atmosphere and a deep taste.

In addition, the taste and appearance of the front are consistently added, so I have no choice but to put it in my mind.

Bomal is unfamiliar food so I didn't know what it was at first

What was Bomal? I came here and explained

I wouldn't have known if I didn't hear the explanation.

It's also rich in nutrition and taste

In many ways, it must be healthy food for our body.

Bomal is particularly famous.

On the wall, a sign that naturally explains the food handled here

It seemed so good to the guests

While you can spend your time boring,

I could build up knowledge so it was like a stone ^ ^

The characteristic of a typical restaurant is that the menu is very simple.

The restaurants that are made only to make people visit are really sold out

But this Sanbangsan restaurant is a place where you see only the food.

There are only three menus, including the side menu, Dome Beef.

There are additional rice, shochu, and drinks.

Kalguksu if you like noodles, porridge if you don't like noodles!

I can make a quick decision and the cooking time is much faster than I thought.

And if you look at all the impressive details in detail, it looks like a handicapped person wrote down all the letters one by one.

Thanks to it, it looks like it smells like a human, it looks cute,

I still remember it!

I draw the makgeolli next to it and cut it

It's not a normal skill to describe perfectly ..!

The side dish is also made up of lean side dishes

Kalguksu and kimchi that goes well with kalguksu

It's marinated in a unique way. It tastes cool and spicy.

You can eat Cheongyang pepper there

Even the precious squid salted fish that goes well with the porridge goes as a side dish

If something is added, it's just like good food

It's also a great way to focus on the main food as it saves time rather than side dishes.

Red guys gathered together to take their seats

All of them are seasoned well and fresh without any catches.

I ordered Bomal Kalguksu and rice rather than noodles. My daughter ordered porridge

In addition, you can order dome beef!

I was satisfied with the bowl that I occupy one person each

This bluish color attracted more flavor

Dome-beef is sliced ​​thicker than any other fish

It was so good for the price

When I look at the picture, it doesn't feel so small but when I look at it

The boil was obviously bigger than the others.

The dishes are filled to the fullest, so my feelings are filled!

Bomal kalguksu is made up of seaweed and Bomal.

I just felt that it was healthy food

First of all, there's a strong smell, but there's a lot of saliva in your mouth.

It has more green color

I have a visual that reminds me of the sea

The white plump noodle seen in between and the bomal raised during spraying with garnish

After eating this whole bowl, you'll be filled with hot energy.

The soup with green color is rare, so look at it more than usual

I started eating, but it had a color and aroma

The ingredients in it all went well

Does the feeling of irritability irritate your nose and make you feel unwilling?

I just wanted to eat quickly ..!

I like spicy food so I added Cheongyang pepper

I tasted the broth a little bit

I could feel a sharp change.

The more flavorful Cheongyang pepper tastes, the more spicy it melts into the soup

It has a more spicy taste that is more silky than

I wanted to put the Chongyang pepper, but because I can't eat spicy well, I gave up because I can't eat much.

In the boil containing the peppers, the chopped ones were well placed

Do you change every day in Sanbangsan restaurants?

The smell wasn't muddy and the ingredients were crispy and good texture!

The juice that spreads in your mouth clean and chewed everywhere

Spicy flavored seeds taste so good I think I've found more than usual ~

I put it on the front plate to taste the daughter who eats the porridge.

Even after relieving whether the green color of the seaweed penetrated between the noodles

The white color of the noodles was a bit green

Your daughter, who was eating porridge, took a bite of this kalguksu and woah ~ While eating

I thought you were my uncle at the moment ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

Especially, Mae-seng-yi was one of the gods.

It looks like it's not hot, but the front dish is full and every noodle is thick and strong enough to overflow

I tried counting them by eating one stalk to see how much I got inside.

The ingredients are mixed together on the outside

It tastes like the broth that has been soaked in it so it tasted so good

This bomal kalguksu is especially strong and refreshing

It's a natural taste that's incomparable with the taste of the noodles

Especially plump noodles are attractive.

It's full of mouth even if you don't put a few strands.

It melted in the soup of Bomal Kalguksu

I couldn't even taste the flour, but I could feel the scent of the sea clearly.

It was healthy and delicious all the time, so my family was happy.

I personally pick it up and eat it all at once

The texture is so good If you eat it like this

I felt the soft texture first as the noodle filled my mouth

Afterwards, I felt the deep and delicious taste and aroma.

There's a daughter's porridge

This dead abalone gut comes together to make it more delicious

The garnish is so beautiful

Seaweed powder and sesame seeds are not to be said, but Bomal is rounded with bombs.

Sesame oil is also surrounded by

I've been here many times, but I've never eaten dead.

So I didn't worry, my daughter was begging

I would never give it if I was young ~ Now I was big ..

Often you go to a restaurant and you can eat 4-5 spoons in a small boil.

It's so big here that it didn't make sense at first ..!

The amount of ingredients mixed together will also come out in proportion to the size of the boil.

I thought I should eat one big drink like bibimbap

On the other hand, little by little for a very long time

I thought I could taste this guy, so I found myself barely blessed!

Once you put it in your mouth, the grain of rice spreads out

Spreading all the flavors in this porridge

The taste was so tasty and rich

Bomal kalguksu and the taste of thinning

The abalone guts are inside, so it's bitter and sweet

It has a very attractive taste so I'll be worried about it next time

I ate a spoon and I felt full of energy

The thick taste adds seaweed and sesame, both of which are savory.

The richer flavor was formed and the sum was so good that I kept going to spoon without knowing it!

As the height gradually decreased, the height gradually lowered to show the floor

Later, I scraped small parts of the side.

I was surprised to find that Dom Beef, which you sell for tasting, was quite generous for taste.

It was thickly sliced ​​and the texture was more exciting

The gloss looks nice and delicious

I've only eaten black pork.

I was looking forward to the first time I've eaten with Dome Beef.

The most impressive thing was the chopping board with these guys on it.

The exterior is neat and tidy, but it looks like new and feels more treated!

Sometimes it's delicious if it comes out on a dish that isn't properly washed

Its taste is not fully manifested but it seemed to be 200 percent here.

If you dip the dome meat in the sauce together, put it in your mouth

I feel lamented about why I ate this for the first time

The black pork's tender meat melts in your mouth and how delicious it is

It was especially good with this bomal kalguksu so it was delicious

If you eat noodles, you can get sick quickly.

But this dombegi is soaking that even if you go around for a long time

I'm not hungry.

Ssamjang also tasted good,

The taste is quite different from the ones on the market

The flavor that spreads in the mouth comfortably while matching the liver of the food you eat is natural!

You just put out the side dish right away, so do you prepare and serve it like this?

If you're busy with side dishes,

Keep it tidy and clean without any pepper

This has given me more confidence in this house.

And if you have a side dish, you can eat it yourself.

When you want to eat, you can eat as much as you want

We were particularly good at eating Kakadugi

The special thing about this place is how to shine when you leave the store.

We ate delicious food but we have rice and dessert boat

The butler wants to have a coffee.

The beginner showed me that menu

This is food, but even coffee and tea taste great.

I usually don't buy it even if I give you a discount.

It's especially nice to have a cup of tea on the terrace here.

Sit on the bench to see the view ~ !!

Looking down at a glance and giving a gentle sound

It's short, but I like the tranquility that I can enjoy during that time.

I can't know the feeling without seeing it myself.

The whole family I went with fell in love with you

Every time I come, I keep it in my head

Phone Number: 064-794-1906

Business Hours Daily 07:00-19:00 Closed on Tuesdays

After eating, I took a walk along this road.

Instead of the white sand, full of black stones give a different feeling

I especially like it.

The weather was nice and sunny, so it was great for a walk.

Although the wind filled with incense was cold, I was able to hold it in the warm sunshine.

After the walk, you need a place to rest.

This place at the entrance,

This place has a cute and pretty look

This is my second recommended Sanbangsan restaurant

It's a place where you can see the blue color of the scene.

Even the colorful chairs in front of the room helped the atmosphere

And even the lights that shine calmly

There's no place like this for rest.

There's a large parking lot behind the building.

It was a convenient place for those who used to drive along the road.

Every space has a unique interior.

If some places have a calm interior

There is something colorful

Like this place, colorful colorful light bulbs are arranged like mobile

There was also a space that focused attention

Go up the stairs to the second floor.

The atmosphere on the 2nd floor is the same as the picture.

The rough walls and the paint peeling effect are impressive.

The sky lights and the trees don't seem to match at all.

It's a bit hip, but looking at it

It is very popular with people because it contains a stream of water.

When I was watching, the drink was finished.

My daughter ordered a cooking pong latte with lots of cooking pongee.

Does it look unique? Latte and cooking pong ~

In addition, lattes come with thick straws

I couldn't take pictures in rare visuals

After you get a drink, you have to go to the most popular place

Located on the 3rd floor, this is the rooftop of Sanbangsan Restaurant

This roof is covered with green grass and the rocking chair

There are interior furniture that feels like it's out there.

The most popular place in this store is because of these furniture.

It's also amazing to see it spread outward

Among them, the sunset is very cool

I love to lie down, and this sofa is really a ride

As soon as you sit down, all the laziness is the demonic sofa.

When there are a lot of people, they all occupy one by one so they can't sit down.

Fortunately, the time we went, it's empty.

I couldn't get up to the cushion

I'm falling down

It was that that made me wake up like that

The visuals that I see abroad

I was hanging in a row and rushed to the novelty

I don't have to worry about how to sit

Push your whole body in.

Then you feel comfortable shaking.

I can't be so comfortable

Our foods forgotten in comfort come down

I decided to eat it in the store.

The more the sun goes down, the colder the weather is.

This is called black pork spinach flat bread, which is very popular for brunch at Sanbangsan restaurant.

It's a little long, but all you need to remember is flatbread, not black pork and spinach.

It tastes like pork cutlet but the fried egg on top looks especially good

On top of that, there's a variety of foods on the white plate to make your taste better.

I chopped it with a knife that came out together

The egg yolk that popped behind the knife was really awesome

It's a black pig, so it's much softer and more juicy.

Homemade sauce is not irritating and has a soft and natural taste

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