Gourmet Sandwich Market

After moving to Namdong-gu every weekend with my parents

I often go to the sand market.

It's so big, it's hard to find anything

All!!! As long as the market is selling

There are so many sand market restaurants.

Here ... there's a really delicious giblet house

I'll introduce you later. :)

Today is chicken mania! I went to my father's house

I have too much luggage to go home this day.

My dad came to pick you up!

We are going to Incheon together.

Come and have a date with soy crab

(You're a crazy woman who loves me crazy)

Abuji said he wanted to eat fruit

I went to the Sandwich Market Gourmet.

1 chicken a day

I like chicken, fried chicken, etc.

I really don't like it very much

I have eaten so much since I was young.

I eat when I'm in front of you, but don't buy it!

It's easy to see the signboard!

I'm actually tasting outside

I went to eat one point.

But they sell a lot

I went in and watched it !!

But every time I come here, there are so many people

It's really cheap and good for parking

Public parking lot but too many people ...

Located across from the south gate of the market entrance.

Really like chicken name market, all parts of chicken ~

Awesome !!

every week? medal? I think the event is changing

It seems like a lot of discounts! Really cheap price ...,

And even if I don't eat chicken

I really like chicken gangjeong ㅎ

Actually, I followed my father to save this one ...

Chicken gangjeong kk ...

It was so popular

Make it improvised

You may have to wait a bit

I don't know if it's time to look inside the shop

Kind of really awesome ...

Chicken ribs, chicken breasts, chicken wings, chicken legs, etc.

There is no part ~ ㅎㅎ

It looks so fresh and the store is very tidy

Sandwich market restaurants are cheaper than online

If you're close to home, go buy it right away.

It's a season of diet these days, so you'll eat a lot of chicken breasts

It looks so fresh

I bought Kangjeong instead of breast

The will of diet is low world ... ^^

Salt shakes, chicken feet, not seasoned

just!!!! It's all here!

It's sold well after each part clean

It's good for cooking right now,

You can eat it right away!

In addition, frozen foods from yonggari to chicken feet

There are a lot of side dishes that kids will like

(It's the best as a snack, but hyssop ...)

Yogi Here ~~~ Me and Abuji's Choice!

We also sell ducks,

My family loves to smoke smoked duck.

I have to buy this!

Sandwich Market Gourmet Chicken Gangjeong

Divided into various ways

We eat crab and ...

Go home with fruits

I only need enough for dessert.

I bought it for 10,000 won! (+ Smoked duck together ^^)

Something shrinking department store tasting corner

It made me feel like shopping in a department store

Gourmet Sandwich Market Chicken Sandwich Market!

The market often comes here ~

Every time I come, I'm sure you'll stop crying ㅎ ㅡ ㅎ !!!!

Note that,,,. Gangjeong soy sauce really jmt !!!!

Seasoned sauce is really great.

Even though he's been eating crab like crazy

I ate all the pieces together lol

Every time I see you, I tasting outside often !!

It's delicious when you pass by

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