The so-called Iraqi people, in the side of the water, in the eyes of three generations of "蒹 葭"!

"The Book of Songs" is a folk song of the Qin Kingdom. It writes the psychology and feelings of a lover, which is very real, twisty and moving.
"蒹 葭" is the collective name of the reeds and reeds, all born by the water's edge. "Cang Cang Cang, Bai Lu as Frost" describes a cool scene of autumn reed Cang Cang, Bai Lu vast, thick frost, which darkly reflects the mood of the protagonist at this moment. "The so-called Iraqi people are on the water side" Zhu Xi's "Book of Poetry": "Yi people, as well as Jupiters." This refers to the protagonist's favorite person. The autumn scenery was lonely in front of him, the autumn water was long, and there was nothing, but because of the thought of worrying about his stomach, he seemed to see that the person in the right was on the water side, so he went after her, hoping to get together. "Follow the path, the road is long and obstructed." The protagonist walked along the river bank to seek the tracks of the people of his choice, but there were many obstacles on the road, it was difficult to walk, and it was long and winding. "Following the journey, you are in the middle of the water." Then swim to find her from the waterway, but no matter how the protagonist swims, she can never reach her side, as if she is always in the middle of the water.
This poem is written in modern language: "The reeds in the river are luxuriant, and the crystal dew drops frost. A beautiful woman is so cute, standing on the side of the river. Looking up against the current, the road is rugged and long. Pursuing down the flow, as if it were Central water ... "
There have always been divergent opinions on this poem-ironically, "The Preface to Mao Poems in the Han Dynasty" refers to "the assassination of the Qin Xianggong who failed to use Zhou Li, and will not be able to consolidate his country"; On the side of the water, the metaphor is far beyond words. "Qiu Xian said: The Qing Dynasty scholar Yao Jiheng believed that" Iren "was a sage living in seclusion by the water in the Spring and Autumn Period; the poem expresses the monarch's intention to seek ethics. Philosophy of life: It covers all kinds of life situations in the world that are out of reach, lovers are rare, and conscience is hard to find; careers are bumpy, and worries about unsuccessful achievements. . . . . . The beauty of mood implicitly created by poetry! It's unforgettable.
When my ancestor was alive and reading the Book of Songs, he read on the "蒹 葭": "Gong Xianggong cannot use Zhou Li, Zhou Yi is hermit, and refuses to leave the office ... the people of ancient virtue live in seclusion; admirers pursue it." ... "This is inherited from" sarcasm "and" seeking virtuousness. " From this, I realized the meaning of "the road is long and far away, and I will search up and down"-Qu Yuan should have obtained the true biography of The Book of Songs. In the 1988 of the last century, the TV series "On the Water" performed by Qin Han, Liu Xuehua, and so on swept the mainland! Among them, the episode sung by Li Bihua: "... there is a beauty, on the water side ..." gave me a beautiful feeling-this is the modern poetic interpretation of "蒹 葭".
During the Spring Festival of Xin Dai Nian, Jie Er insisted that I write "蒹 葭" for him, saying that it was to be affixed to the wall of his "Pengcheng Renting House"; and let me listen to the "Song chanted by a lady" entered in his mobile phone.蒹 葭 ”——It is indeed a“ dream-like ”soft voice that can cause“ post-80s ”to associate with love! When I instructed him to read his grandfather's comment on "蒹 葭", he said cutely: "Anyway, my understanding of this poem is to write love."
Hi! For a young man who is in a good age-full of fantasy and poetry-"romantic" era, who can say that his understanding "is there anything wrong?" Shen Congwen's letter to Zhang Zhaohe once wrote: "I just Looking at the water in this way, thinking of you, I am happy, I think I should be happy with you; I am bored, I want you to be able to stay bored with me ... "Wanting Shen Congwen sitting by the water, shaking the light I was reflected in a small wooden boat, and the ink on the Minjiang River was too thick. . . . . . The master is young and stylish; not to mention today's "after 80"?

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