🧠 Best Way to Get Smart About Internet Money? ft Cedric Dahl

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In this clip from my collaboration with Cedric Dahl in Barcelona, Cedric shares his thoughts on the quickest and best way to get smart about cryptocurrencies.

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Internet money and plain English... Is something wrong with title?
Anyways, Surrounding yourself with people smarter than you and showing them your work to pick out mistakes is the best thing that can make you master in anything. Thank you.


17.07.2019 22:29

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Moneygram :)

17.07.2019 22:31

It's always awesome to watch your informative videos.

17.07.2019 22:32

Hello @louisthomas, how are you doing? Today people are looking for money using the Internet. Gambling skills are needed and speculate if you want to succeed in making money with Cryptocurency. Have a nice day, friend.

17.07.2019 23:12

There's nothing wrong with the advice given here. Trouble is, however, that gaining access to the people who know their shit may be more easily said than done.

20.07.2019 21:59

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24.07.2019 22:24