Will Crypto Prices Be Kept Artificially Low by Manipulation?

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ItsOrange says "Crypto top market cap was reached in 2017. It will never return to these levels due to manipulation (like gold)".

Here's my response!

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If we talk about manipulation, Whales control the most market of any coin. The bigger volume of a coin you hold, The bigger percentage of market price you can control.
Secondly, As BTC seen a major dip (3500$). Now more that 766K addresses hold more than 1 BTC. Finally, This manipulation will be going to down.

16.07.2019 22:04

@louisthomas I was waiting for for video brother since 5pm here in NYC.


16.07.2019 22:08

Hi i think whales will be the rocket for each crypto but to hold prices we'll have to see adoption in whole market.

16.07.2019 22:10

I think as It is now I would probably say yes

16.07.2019 22:11

They manipulated it up 😳😂

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16.07.2019 22:23

Cryptocurency prices are determined by the market. The act of selling crypto on a large scale made prices fall. So the Cryptocurency price is determined by the largest crypto holder and can manupulation.

16.07.2019 22:39

A correlation between tether supply and BTC price does not necessarily imply manipulation. The supply of USD on crypto exchanges also naturally increases when the price of BTC goes up. This only means that more people wants to buy BTC.

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16.07.2019 22:46

The reality is that there is too little of the actual asset for it to be manipulated the same way. In addition, it will only take a small portion of demand to raise prices given this small supply as we have seen multiple in history already.

17.07.2019 00:16

This is what we need as much as anything. My wife was just telling be about how she doesn't understand Steem and whenever she hears about it, she glazes over. It's what kept me away for a while before I started and I consider myself a crypto nerd.

It's not that complicated once you get it, but how do we make it easy to digest for those that don't even really care about how it works?

Good luck in this. I'll support you as much as possible.

17.07.2019 02:09

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