REPORT: The Cryptocurrencies That Institutions Bought in Q2 2019

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Grayscale have just released their latest "Digital Asset Investment Report" for Q2 2019, which will give us an additional insight into which cryptocurrencies institutions are choosing to invest their money in.

In the Q1 2019 report, 99% of institutional money flowed into Bitcoin. Will this be the case again, or has some money started flowing into alts? That's what we'll be covering in this video.

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Hi @louisthomas, thanks for sharing this information. Finally, steem is like ethereum coin, which is supported with many tokens for different approaches.
It is always a good new to hear about investments in crypto and your kind of teaching is very helpful. Cheers!

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18.07.2019 20:46

Hi @louisthomas,
People make fresh investments into bitcoin at two points in recent years. 1. When BTC create hype and gone to 21K$. 2. When BTC fall from sky and get 3200 - 3500$ position. There are nearly 0.8 Million new Bitcoin addresses that hold balance at-least 1 BTC.
When we talk about ethereum, It's about Dapps (Decentralized Apps) and his amazing feature smart contracts enabling many people to create applications and games with custom tokens also, on ethereum blockchain.
Thank You.

18.07.2019 21:22

Hello @ louisthomas, how are you doing? Nowadays people or institutions still believe in bitcoin as the biggest Cryptocurency investment destination compared to other coins. This is because this coin is more reliable and the price on the market is more solid than other coins. but for me who have little capital, I prefer to buy other cheaper coins such as doge coin. Have a nice day, sir.

18.07.2019 22:50

It looks like the Ethereum trust (ETHE) just came online on July 21st. It will be interesting to see where the price levels out (I had a chart to post but it doesn't appear that I can post that within the comments on 3speak). I have done some trading of the Bitcoin trust (GBTC) in my IRA account and with this new information will likely put in a limit order for ETHE as well in order to diversify.

It still feels like we are a long way off from seeing institutional investments in true Alt-coins. I don't personally consider ETH to be an Alt at this point.

19.07.2019 05:57

Hey louis, I personally think that it is very late for the Institutions to enter into bitcoin at the current price level. even if the institutions had a though of using bitcoin they would have purchased it during the bear market when bitcoin was around $3500 - $6000 range. Yes this may not be absolutely true but still I personally think that most of the instituions would have already made their purchase on Bitcoin. Would like to know your comments on this .

21.07.2019 14:53

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25.07.2019 20:19