GINAbot for HIVE is here. Tutorial for setting up your Discord Notifications for the Hive Blockchain.

Then this morning it happened. Also the notification tool GINAbot from @buildteam / @ginabot changed their server and now notifies you if something happens to your hive account - instead of your steem account. In this post I will show you how to activate your notifications and how to setup these messages.


Here we go:

Step 1: Get Discord App

Since GINAbot is a tool for notifications in Discord, you must have a Discord account. Discord for your browser or computer to download can be found here:

Just start / download the app and create a user account.

Step 2: Registration on the Minnow-Power Discord server

After you have successfully created a discord account, you will join the Minnow-Power discord server. You can do this via this link:


Once you have joined the Discord Server you switch to the Channel: #registration, where you enter the command in the chat line:

In the chat line you type for the registration:

  • ..reg = Is the command to register
  • HIVENAME = Your username, which you have on Hive.

In this example I added my second account "loupics" and the command looked like this:

Step 3: Verify the account

In the next step we have to confirm that the hive account also belongs to the Discord account. This can be done very easily by sending a minimal amount of HIVE to the bot on hive. For this purpose you will get a message in the discord directly after the ..reg command, which contains a certain memo.

The screenshot still shows SBD / STEEM - but also works with HIVE / HBD

Now you make a transfer to the hive user account @ginabot and send the user 0.001 HIVE or HBD. In the memo field - very important - you write your personal code, which was displayed on the discord server.

Very important:

  • Send the transfer from the account you entered at ..reg
  • Make sure that the memo is correct and the value of the transfer is 0.001.
  • You will automatically get the 0.001 back after confirmation.

This is what a transfer can look like: Left Wallet - Right Keychain



Step 4: Success message and the settings

When GINAbot has received your transfer, there will be a private message in the discord of her with the following success message
Link was adjusted by me and does not work ;)

With the command ..set you can always recall your personal address for the settings.
Important: You should not make this link visible with other parts and only visible for you.

Step 5: The settings for your notifications

Clicking on your Settings link will take you to the configuration page for your notifications:


  • Activate the notifications
  • Select your preferred platform where the links should be opened.
  • Time zone etc.
  • The following settings are almost self-explanatory. If you have any questions - feel free to write them in the comments.

I hope this guide helped you set up GINAbot! If you have any questions or problems, feel free to write them in the comments!


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So how does this help me with my Steemit account?

06.04.2020 11:58