VeganWednesday: vegan Bolognese sauce (ENG/ PT/ DE)


this is my entry for @heart-to-heart s #veganwednesday

We have the #fruitsandveggiesmonday one time a week. Not much for vegans.
Only monday? Really? I be vegan all day and week long.
Let's bring a bit more attention to the #veganwednesday too.

Zucchini strips in Soya Bolognese sauce

Freestyle creation for today.
Wanna see my lunch?
Have a look at the pictures, I think they speak for themselves and small infos/ description are attached.
You can get Soya sliced in most bigger supermarkets or organic shops.
You can get the rest like zucchini or tomatoes from the tin/ tomato paste everywhere.
Season traditionally or like you wanna have it.

Bon Appetit

text and pictures made by myself. Peace




esta é a minha entrada para @heart-to-heart s #veganwednesday

Temos o #fruitsandveggiesmonday uma vez por semana. Não muito para veganos.
Só segunda-feira? A sério? Sou vegano todo o dia e toda a semana.
Vamos trazer um pouco mais de atenção para a #veganwednesday também.

Tiras de abobrinha em molho Bolonhesa de Soja

Criação de estilo livre para hoje.
Quer ver meu almoço?
Dê uma olhada nas fotos, eu acho que elas falam por si mesmas e pequenas informações / descrição estão anexadas.
Você pode comprar soja fatiada na maioria dos supermercados maiores ou lojas orgânicas.
Você pode obter o resto como abobrinha ou tomates a partir do estanho / pasta de tomate em todos os lugares.
Tempere tradicionalmente ou como quiser.

Bom apetite

texto e fotos feitas por mim mesmo. Paz




dies ist mein Beitrag für @heart-to-heart s #veganwednesday

Wir haben den #fruitsandveggiesmonday einmal pro Woche. Nicht viel für Veganer.
Nur Montag? Wirklich? Ich bin den ganzen Tag und die ganze Woche vegan.
Lasst uns auch auf den #veganwednesday etwas mehr Aufmerksamkeit lenken.

Zucchini Streifen in Soya Bolognese Soße

Freestyle Kreation meinerseits.
Schaut euch die Bilder an, ich denke die sprechen für sich und kleine Infos sind beigefügt.
Soya Geschnetzeltes bekommt man in den meisten größeren Supermärkten oder Bio Läden.
Den Rest wie Zucchini oder Tomaten/ Tomaten aus der Dose/ Tomatenmark bekommt man überall.
Würzen traditionell oder nach Geschmack.

Bon Appetit

Text und Bilder von mir gemacht. Peace


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You Have Been manually Curated By Vegan-Curate, Here to Curate For the Animals And Heatly Living.

I really love the idea behind vegan Wednesday,

06.11.2019 22:58

Thanks a million.
Lets bring more life in the veganwednesday and motivate/ inspire more user to post.
Join in if you like
Just for a peacefully lifestyle.

06.11.2019 23:09

You Have Been manually Curated By Vegan-Curate, Here to Curate For the Animals And Heatly Living.

I really love the idea behind vegan Wednesday,

06.11.2019 22:58


06.11.2019 23:43

Smile: you are welcome. Freut mich das es dir visuell schon mundet.

06.11.2019 23:45

das mundet mir auch in meinem leben--denn wir essen auch vegan und das steht oft bei mir auf meinem plan :-)

06.11.2019 23:52

I love vegan bolognese! Yum. I didn't know there was a vegan wednesday! Awesome!

06.11.2019 23:54

Like I wrote. Once upon a time it was created and forgotten for so long. Let's make a better remake. Join in if you like to. You are always welcome.

06.11.2019 23:56

Awesome. I tend to do one for #fruitsandveggiesmonday, but it's good to know that another one exists if I miss Monday! And there's always the #vegan tag too so I can use that for both. I think I'm going to have vegan bolognaise for dinner -it's freezing here!

07.11.2019 01:48

Yeahi. Would be nice to see also your Wednesday style. If I could I would hae everyday a vegan post for a special reason/#tag :)

07.11.2019 07:40

I approve of this plant-based posts.
Upvote 👍

07.11.2019 07:31
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07.11.2019 07:32