VeganWednesday: Smoothie for breakfast (ENG/ PT/ DE)


this is my entry for @heart-to-heart s #veganwednesday
We have the #fruitsandveggiesmonday one time a week. So let's support also the #veganwednesday today.
For me everyday is a vegan day but to have two days in a vegan steemit community to work together as a vegan community let's show us veggies what our food is or was today, okay?

I hope our lovely @lenasveganliving will join in and also the great @plantstoplanks. I would like to see what @riverflows had today and @lizelle, @anggreklestari, @birdsinparadise, @toddfoster, @erikah, @amy-goodrich and all the other vegan food lovers invite or inspire and motivate to post some yummy stuff on this Wednesday.

Acai Fruit Smoothie

Only four ingredients:
Plant based Milk
Acai powder

Mix it all smooooooth.
That's the whole secret and a awesome vitamin kick in the morning.

What's your favorite breakfast?

Bon Appetit

text and pictures made by myself. Peace




esta é a minha entrada para @heart-to-heart s #veganwednesday

Temos o #fruitsandveggiesmonday uma vez por semana. Então vamos apoiar também o #veganwednesday hoje.
Para mim todos os dias é um dia vegano, mas para ter dois dias numa comunidade vegan steemit para trabalharmos juntos como uma comunidade vegana, vamos mostrar aos veganos o que é ou foi a nossa comida hoje, ok?

Espero que a nossa adorável @lenasveganliving se junte a nós e também as grandes @plantstoplanks. Gostaria de ver o que os @riverflows tiveram hoje e @lizelle, @anggreklestari, @birdsinparadise, @toddfoster, @erikah, @amy-goodrich e todos os outros amantes da comida vegana convidam ou inspiram e motivam a publicar algumas coisas deliciosas nesta quarta-feira.

Açaí Smoothie de Fruta

Apenas quatro ingredientes:
Leite à base de plantas
Açaí em pó

Misture tudo suavemente.
Esse é todo o segredo e um incrível chute de vitamina pela manhã.

Qual é o seu café da manhã favorito?
Bom apetite

texto e fotos feitas por mim mesmo. Paz





dies ist mein Beitrag für @heart-to-heart s #veganwednesday

Wir haben den #fruitsandveggiesmonday einmal pro Woche. Also lasst uns auch den heutigen Mittwoch als #veganwednesday unterstützen.
Für mich ist jeder Tag ein veganer Tag, aber um zwei Tage in einer veganen Steemit-Community zu haben, um als vegane Community zusammenzuarbeiten, lasst.und Veggies unsere Umwelt inspirieren und motivieren, zeigt her eure Speisen.

Ich hoffe, dass unsere gute @lenasveganliving und auch die tolle @plantstoplanks mitmachen werden. Ich würde gerne sehen, was @riverflows heute hatte und @lizelle, @anggreklestari, @birdsinparadise, @toddfoster, @erikah, @amy-goodrich und all die anderen veganen Food-Liebhaber einladen oder inspirieren und motivieren, an diesem Mittwoch Leckeres zu posten.

Acai Fruit Smoothie

Nur vier Zutaten:
Pflanzliche Milch

Alles gut mixen.
Das ist das ganze Geheimnis und ein toller Vitamin-Kick am Morgen.

Was ist dein Lieblingsfrühstück?
Bon Appetit

Text und Bilder von mir gemacht. Peace


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Danke für deinen Beitrag. Eine tolle Woche wünsch ich dir, vor allem wenig stress

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20.11.2019 03:06

Looks amazing!! What have you topped it with? Your photos are great!

20.11.2019 04:12

True.thanks. I forgot to say the topping is easy peacy coconut cereals with dark chocolate, sunflower seeds, and some other seeds.

20.11.2019 08:50

I approve of this plant-based posts.
Upvote 👍

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20.11.2019 07:20

Oh... that looks really delicious 😍

20.11.2019 10:25

Thanks a million

20.11.2019 13:01

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Oh much yum! Looks delicious. <3
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A great way to start your day indeed

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