Friday is Food day, vegan style, fellas (ENG/ PT/ DE)


Friday is “fff“. It's a fabulous freaky fucking funny fruit foodie friday.

I hope my lovely @lenasveganliving will join in and also the great @plantstoplanks. I would like to see what @riverflows had today and @lizelle, @anggreklestari, @birdsinparadibirdsinparadise, @toddfoster, @erikah, @amy-goodricamy-goodrich and all the other vegan food lovers invite or inspire and motivate to post some yummy stuff on this friday. Hope I did everything right to post this under the #fff hash tag. Let me know if not.

salad time

So guys, I was out to get some delicious food on the first day of the new year. Til I recognized that all supermarkets and shops were closed it took an hour and I was really hungry.
So I went to a salad bar. I think it's called like that. And it was delicious.
You can see on the pictures, they offered vegan fake meat balls. Done from linseed they said. Everything was fresh. Hope you like what you see, promise it was yummy.

Bon Appetit

text and pictures made by myself. Peace




Sexta-feira é "fff". É uma fabulosa comida de fruta esquisita de sexta-feira.

Espero que a minha adorável @lenasveganliving se junte a ela e também às grandes @plantstoplanks. Eu gostaria de ver o que @lizelle, @anggreklestari, @birdsinparadibirdsinparadise, @toddfoster, @erikah, @amy-goodricamy-goodrich e todos os outros amantes de comida vegana convidam ou inspiram e motivam a postar algumas coisas deliciosas nesta sexta-feira. Espero ter feito tudo certo para postar isso sob a tag #fff hash. Avisem-me se não o fizerem.

hora da salada

Então pessoal, eu estava fora para comprar comida deliciosa no primeiro dia do ano novo. Até reconhecer que todos os supermercados e lojas estavam fechados, demorou uma hora e eu estava com muita fome.
Então eu fui a um bar de saladas. Acho que é assim que se chama. E estava delicioso.
Vê-se nas fotos, eles ofereceram bolas de carne falsificadas veganas. Feito a partir de linhaça, disseram eles. Estava tudo fresco. Espero que gostes do que vês, promete que estava delicioso.

Bom apetite

texto e fotos feitas por mim mesmo. Paz




Freitag ist "fff". Es ist ein fabelhafter, verdammt lustiger, verdammter, verrückter, Obst-Foodie-Freitag.

Ich hoffe, dass meine vegan crew @lenasveganliving mitmachen wird und auch @plantstoplanks. Ich würde gerne sehen, was @riverflows heute hatte und @lizelle, @anggreklestari, @birdsinparadibirdsinparadise, @toddfoster, @erikah, @amy-goodricamy-goodrich und all die anderen veganen Essensliebhaber einladen oder inspirieren und motivieren, an diesem Freitag ein paar leckere Sachen zu posten. Ich hoffe, ich habe alles richtig gemacht, um dies unter dem #fff Hash-Tag zu posten. Lass es mich wissen.


Also, Leute, ich war am ersten Tag des neuen Jahres unterwegs, um leckeres Essen zu besorgen. Bis ich bemerkte, dass alle Supermärkte und Geschäfte geschlossen waren, dauerte es eine Stunde und ich war wirklich hungrig.
Also bin ich zu einer Salatbar gegangen. Ich glaube, dass das so heißt und genannt wird. Und es war köstlich.
Auf den Bildern kann man sehen, dass es gab. Vegane, gefälschte Fleischbällchen waren auch dabei. Aus Leinsamen gemacht, sagten sie. Alles war frisch.

Bon Appetit

Text und Bilder von mir gemacht. Peace


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Danke für deinen Beitrag

03.01.2020 13:11

It’s #veganuary with lots of people trying vegan food for the first time this January. Veganuary started as an initiative in York in England to spread awareness! They can drop onto your page for inspiration!

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Really? How cool. I didn't know that. Thanks for the information

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You have been 🙏 curated by @njord

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Amazingly delish looking treat - simply yummy

03.01.2020 23:55

хороший салатик, витаминов хоть отбавляй, интересна его калорийность )))

04.01.2020 12:15

Amazing salad @lotusfleur, thanks for the shoutout but my entry was not vegan this time;)

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Love a good salad, especially when you just have to walk up to the salad bar and load up. Looks like you did a good job with that @lotusfleur.

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