Is A Smart Thermostat Worth Buying?

It is normally a part of our daily routine in the winter season to set our thermostat to a cooler temperature when we are not at home so we do not waste energy (as well as money). To do so we may sometimes program it to turn on before we arrive at home or instead we just turn it up manually. But imagine how convenient it will be if you could just use your phone to alert your thermostat that you are on your way home? Or what if your thermostat itself could know that you are nearing and accordingly set the home temperature to make it warm and cozy just before you step in your sweet and warm home.


Although many consider a thermostat as one of the basic features of their homes it can be of much substance. Especially when it comes to our energy bills. According to a study, almost half of monthly energy bills are controlled by a thermostat. That being said a smart thermostat can help you reduce your energy bills substantially air conditioning control system in Los Angeles.

What is a smart thermostat?
A smart thermostat also referred to as a connected or communicating thermostat, can help us in creating an automatic and programmable temperature setting that is made on series of factors such as daily schedules, weather conditions, and heating and cooling needs. But this is a feature that one cannot get in just any thermostat. It is available only in some Wi-Fi thermostats with this advanced functionality

Why Not Manual or Standard Programmable Thermostat?
With smart thermostat and its ability to learn the household's patterns and offer a more efficient heating and cooling experience when we are there or we about to be there. As of result of which the use of heating and cooling systems is reduced significantly.
On the other hand, if we talk about the Standard programmable thermostats they are only able to save energy if they are programmed the right way. But according to many studies, it was evident that many users of the same were observed to be never or rarely use the programmable thermostat or when they do, they use the home function that to override the programming.
Given that, if you are a few of those people that have seen monitoring and using the thermostat diligently then it would not make much of a difference for you. But you can still get to take advantage of weekly and monthly energy reports and remote access.

Considerations for Installing a Smart Thermostat
-Check for Compatibility
The first and foremost thing you should do is to check for the compatibility of your home's HVAC and electrical systems with the smart thermostat. Today many of the popular models of smart thermostats have online compatibility checkers such as ecobee Compatibility Check and Nest Compatibility Check.

-Wi-Fi and A Smart Device
Apart from compatibility, you will have to have WiFi as well as a smartphone device. A smartphone, tablet, or computer is required to use your smart thermostat the best way possible by getting the most out of its remote monitoring and controlling options.

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