Is Steem built to last? is the latest HF working

I sometimes just post about Steem itself, but its pretty rare these days as well frankly Steem hasn't been heading the direction I would have liked it to go...but is all this finally changing?

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We have had a new HF and got all this new...stuff, like a downvote button that I will never use, but I'm sure some people will...although for the life of me can't think why :).

To be honest there are so many technical things being experimented with I just can't keep up and I give up trying to get deep and meaningful with them all - I just want a platform that is responsive and works and a just and fair rewards system....but maybe it's too much to ask...or is it?

Does Steem have the technical capability to succeed?

The answer for me is yes; it has always and still runs lightening fast and it still costs nothing to do transfers, to me this is getting the basics right and this alone means I'll always be attracted to this Steem block chain over others.

..but is this a winning recipe for a Social Media front end?
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The answer for me has been no for awhile, somewhere along the way Steem lost it's path. 

However, the good thing about having free will and being open minded is I reverse the right to change and I'm pleased to say my view here is starting to change. I've stopped trying to be overly critical and instead trying to put a bit more faith back into the system. We vote in our witnesses and they are doing what they can against a...lets be honest Shit Storm of fish face smacking over anything they do or anytime anything changes.

Am I impressed by Steem inc. and our Witnesses - honestly, not really. However this view has been somewhat skewered towards particular individuals and decisions....decisions which clearly saw just a few benefit vs. the many.

So what has changed that is bringing my faith back? well this lastest HF does seem different.

For now as I explore the changes of the HF I begin to see the signs of a ray of hope, The first thing I'm noticing is curation.

I've been upvoting a magnitude of quality posts to varying degrees for  a number of years now - trying to benefit the platform and the authors....but after awhile all the bot activity and purchase vote rubbish wore me down, as I realised the large holders are counter acting all the effort and just grabbing peoples purchased votes  of liquid Steem in an ever depreciating valued crypto. 

For this reason I avoided paid for upvote bots like the plague as any argument that they were performing a service like...advertising, to me was just crap! all they were doing was building a business of 90% win for them and 10% for you and by the time your payout came, the price had dropped and they had already sold off the liquid steem - helping to depreciate our crypto value even more...kind of like the effect of large holders selling off truck loads of Steem to cover..*cough, cough* costs!...what rubbish! the only good part of this is, no one has endless Steem once the sell off is done we can see the price go up and our efforts rewarded, because we are all putting in effort here - we all deserve to share the rewards :)

I'm very please with the way curation is looking now (for the moment). I'm much encouraged to return to the old ways, following trails and manually upvoting people who are trying and posting interesting content to me.  

It seems like the balance is better in that I receive a nice return for my supporting the content and the authors are hopefully seeing some extra votes coming in (people like myself returning to curation) and thus not really seeing a decline in over what they were getting before the HF.

It's too early to celebrate yet, but for now I would say the recipe for success is looking a bit more delicious! the view is changing from anger into...maybe acceptance and see

above image is one from good old giphy

All the best to All Steemains, we are all in this together - I really do hope we can bring back some of the talent and that we all give this HF a good go to the benefit of us all.

Cheers and Steemon!

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Hi there! I am a SteemIt hopeful. Many people I know left. But I believe in this and hope that many more people will hop on in the near future. The system is not perfect but I see great potential. I hope we are all going to make it.

Steem On!

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12.09.2019 00:28

Steemit was once vibrant and alive - what was old can be new again.
If the right people are rewarded for the right behavour and the distribution is just and fair as possible I will try to bring people back = Steem can only improve and good hardworking people will come to this platform and be recognised for their great contributions.

I'm not sure if the HF is going to do this yet, but I am liking what I am seeing so far.

Cheers its a good time be joining or re-joining Steem communities.

12.09.2019 00:43

I haven't seen much of a change in curation at my end, but I have been flat out at work to really interact with the block-chain.

There were some dApps that were bot based and have died as a result that I would like to see return. Steem Dash was just another view of our wallets that updated in real time without the need to refresh the screen.

But I do hope that these changes, and the idea that STINC isn't going to be selling Steem for a month should see the US price rise somewhat.

In the meantime, I am going to focus on making more content and see what happens.

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12.09.2019 00:43

All I can say is as a large Steem holder - I prefer to upvote content creators and receive something back, as I know this action will encourage more and better content. Pre this HF it was pointless as my 10cents worth was worth nothing compared to a paid upvote bot was giving the less quality posts.

I'm not 100% sold yet, I certainly not getting as much through curation yet as I was in delegating to the most ethical groups I could find...but I don't mind getting a little less back, if it means the platform is going to grow and ultimately the Steem $ is going to lift. I'd be interest to hear in a couple of weeks you verdict on the effect from a regular content creators point of view? I'm still trying to decide myself...but yeah the curation is better and promoting better practice I reckon...still we have to see what tricks people try to do to self gain for max effect, vs. take an attidute of help the platform, help yourself...which is what we should all be doing.

I hope those DApp creators get tweaking and come back up for you...As a hobby programmer myself I can't see any challenge that should stop them, but yeah havent investigated in depth.


12.09.2019 00:52

There is a slight uptick in genuine curation though I'm not convinced this isn't a post-HF honeymoon period. A lot of the vote sellers are reworking their business plans profit models and while they are doing that then manual curation seems like a good idea to use excess VP. Once they're done with figuring out how to profit best off the new rules we might see a regression of sorts.

Like you, I've been a bit cynical for a while. I have hopes that things genuinely improve here, but not much optimism at this point.

12.09.2019 01:11

Tis true, experience in life tells me unless the HF tweaks ensure a win/win in every possible way - the bad behavior will just transfer to new profit ..err business plan... behavior that is win/lose..Individual or group of individuals 90%, everyone else 10%.

All I can say for sure is right now, I like the curation rewards being higher and if the other tweaks promote good content then there is a chance - - lets see.

12.09.2019 05:13

Putting together the HSCO newsletter this week, I've noticed that there's been any increase in posts where people have put more effort in. So I think that a lot more people are feeling hopeful again. With more people jumping onto curation via projects like @curangel and @c-squared along with quite a few whales searching for content, I'm seeing the good content rewarded a LOT more. I've been putting things in the queue for @curangel and @c-squared and I'm finding more and more that someone has already beaten me to it. How's that for spreading the reward pool better!

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12.09.2019 01:30

Nice - gosh it sure has been a dark patch; I really want to shake off the negative and got my fingers crossed everyone throws in hard, withdraws delegations and upvotes good content or at least follow some trails of the good ones like what you have mentioned above.

Fingers crossed

12.09.2019 05:16

The community really does seem to be bringing things together. On their own, it was hard to say whether the changes would have made a difference, but they mostly seem to be getting used for the benefit of the platform as a whole.

12.09.2019 07:21

Downvotes are for plagiarism/art theft/stuff like that ;D

At least that's all I use them for and it's been very few and far between seeing as these days I only look at the art tag through CCC now anyway.

12.09.2019 05:00

Far enough

After such a dark patch in Steem history, its time to focus on positives (upvotes). Any system that focuses on things in a positive light will always do better....but lacking a better system of governance, if downvotes are what it takes then I'm all for it, I just hope people don't use it for hate reasons and just use it for reasonable reasons like those you mentioned


12.09.2019 05:24

There will be people using it for hate reasons as some don't seem to have emotionally grown past toddlerhood XD

We just have to act how we want other people to act.

13.09.2019 01:26

Absolutely….I have nothing against downvotes as that's what the majority of people wanted.. I still reserve my personal view they are bad to focus on; that when we have systems that encourage good behaviour, focus heavily on strengths, then positive things come and are rewarded (it becomes a positive culture) - it always takes you to a better place then a system of negative things are punished. It's just a mindset and intuition one wants a downvote, even someone who knows they are doing the wrong thing....the emotional reaction at receiving will be either "damn I got caught" or "I blame someone else or lash out and quit"; the later not being something we want people to do because of a minor indiscretion.

If your handing one out, it's already too late (a person has done a wrong thing) -- much better to guide people with a carrot then a stick...but yeah, as you said not always possible to encourage some truly immature - which on those very rare occasions I would think a downvote might be merited...but still the last resort.

Hehe maybe I'm just too soft.

13.09.2019 04:01

The downvotes have always been there (they were just called flags before). And I think the only reason there's so much fuss being made of them now is because we have two and a bit that won't waste vp when you use them.

13.09.2019 06:23

I'm seeing a lot of enthusiasm for the changes. Most of the grumbling seems to be coming from people claiming their rewards have dropped. Check their posts though, and it's low-effort, low value, throwaway stuff.
It's a good thing that those rewards have dropped. It should be worth putting in the time and thought to craft a deliberate post. The EIP didn't go as far as I wanted, I'd personally love to go back to full n2; but as compromises go, I'm really glad it happened.

12.09.2019 05:47

Some really good points and happy to see crappy posts dropping down - we want to reward those posts where people put in hours - nothing puts you of worse then doing your best work and then seeing someone cut and paste a picture from pukebook and they earn more then you.. normally means a series of compromises and you get where you hoped anyways...sometimes just the long way, but its still moving forward

Fingers crossed.

12.09.2019 06:00

My biggest concern with the changes was how the downvote pool would be used, or abused, and how hard it would be to get good posts past the initial reward curve to earning. The predictions about the reward curve weren't as bad as some were saying and on the whole, the downvotes are being targeted at abusers. Admittedly, there are some throwing downvotes wherever they can, but they aren't doing much damage. I guess its not the code, it's how you choose to use it.

12.09.2019 07:28

I think there are mostly good people here; its just that the incentives were skewed heavily toward bad behaviour. Hard to stay good when you're punished for it.

12.09.2019 08:54

~Smartsteem Curation Team

12.09.2019 14:41

Cool - thanks :)

13.09.2019 01:33