IBT Survival Island Game - Progress Report Twenty Five

Welcome to this weeks update on IBT Survival Island. 

The hard work continues and we spent allot of time this week working on item manipulation.

Resources now come in various sizes and types. In this example below, in the distance you can see a large, medium and small crumbling rock. Each resource depending on its size will vary. 

Below is a large crumbling rock. you can collect up to 40 rocks from this resource.

The below is this crumbling rock is medium sized, it gives you 20 rock. If you notice the resources are counted below next to the rock icon. With the 40 rock and the 20 rock so far the player has collected 60 rocks. 

Finally, the below is a small crumbling rock. All you can collect is 10 rocks. Even though it is not a large amount of rocks there will be plenty of these lying around on the IBT Island to collect. These rocks are used for building constructions with.

And that's it for this weeks update - I remain committed to sharing the making of our crypto survival game, so see ya for next weeks update

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There's a pocket dimension in the backpack like in most survival/crafting type games or will there be a weight factor to consider too? :D

28.08.2019 13:03

That's a really great question.. gosh how to answer...

So many ways this can be handled, soo much code and possible bugs in doing it.

For the moment no backpack weight limit, just a number of slots. Once all the slots are full, you can't fit more.

To try to add some initial realism from a weight point of view as you fill your backpack your stamina reduces and you slow up.

We are also working on the idea that sometimes things break when you stuff too much in your backpack.

We have several things/improvement which we are adding to a list for updates after the game is released as there is just so many working parts. We want the game to be good and real, but hard to achieve that in initial release.

28.08.2019 23:16

You could do the taking up multiple slots things for bigger items as well if you're not already, figure that's probably easier than trying to code weight XD

29.08.2019 01:39

yeah that's not a bad idea. Bit like you with your 15 year project lol! there are so many things we want to do.. but if we perfect each, it will be another 3 years before the game comes out, at which point a group of pro developers probably pushed theirs out and the game with feel old haha.. So we are making a kind of list on minimals..and building and perfecting this. Then pushing out other stuff into 'wants' or 'great to have. then when the minimals are done, just see if some of the 'wants' and 'greats' can be implemented within a reasonable timeframe...if not, lets get the basics right get the game out, and then do a series of updates over the years to keep making it better and better...this stuff ain't easy for a small team.

Cheers for your thoughts.

29.08.2019 22:54

Amazing game!

I have some questions.

What platforms supported this game?
It's going to interaction with steem blockchain?
What engine is using for developing?

03.09.2019 22:20

Thanks, its coming along nicely.

It is designed to work on Windows as a downloadable game.

The idea is to release a DLC that allows blockchain interaction. At this stage it will be utilizing Steem, but this will be locked in later in development, it is some what dependent on interest and support

It uses the latest Unreal editor as the engine.

04.09.2019 07:58