IBT Survival Island Game - Progress Report Thirty Three

Welcome to this weeks update on IBT Survival Island. 

I noticed we have nearly reached our Fundition target -  with an extra little push :)

This is my subtle way of pushing us to get the demo done, with a commitment that if the target was met I would have push to have it out within 8 weeks. I have no idea if this can be achieved but we have all the ingredients now, and confidence is high.

Graphics and performance settings plus getting those settings to save was this weeks challenge.  You can even see the graphics change in the image if you can watch it carefully.

Graphic and performance screen with resolution options is a must for a high performance PC game.

And that's it for this weeks update.

Take care of each other and Steemon!

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Good work mate, glad to see it continuing forward. Slowly etching closer to us getting to play and enjoy this! :)

23.10.2019 09:30

Thanks @thegoliath - I have to start looking at the crypto side a bit harder soon...a few ideas brewing :)

23.10.2019 11:03

It isn't an easy job to learn what you need while working on the game at the same time when there is a lot to do. Looking forward to the coming updates as always. :)

23.10.2019 11:13

I will definitely be playing it on high graphics setting. I will hopefully be showing screenshots and gameplay footage if I can get it working.

23.10.2019 12:05

Thanks @Shaidon, I hope you will be part of our foundation players crew? and you will have some reserved tokens etc to play when it's time. We will need a group of testers in the coming months and I need your help and others who enjoyed the original IBT....I wish it could be done faster but truly the best we can do is the best we can do...I will continue to share our weekly progress and aim for 8 weeks for some tester engagement.

24.10.2019 09:10

Yes, it would be an honour to test the game.

27.10.2019 05:29

Looks interesting.

Is there an intro post for IBT Survival Island somewhere?

Is it based on the Steem blockchain?

23.10.2019 13:49

Hey @pennsif, maybe Nigel will point you to an intro post but we did this sweet Interview with him a little while back about the project if you want to have a peak--> Battlegames.io Post

23.10.2019 18:26

That is most useful - many thanks.

24.10.2019 01:56

Hello, thanks for dropping by and showing interest.

We are spit balling some ideas, but the lead idea is to use a Steem SMT token. This is an Educational game, so I think it would be brilliant to reward players with tokens for proving they have learned things, a kind of "Proof of Learnt" :)

It's very possible the game will have a leaders board and be downloadable from the online gaming platform STEAM. Here players unlock achievements, they may also unlock a SMT token reward and progress on the board.

Much of this depends on the release date for Steem SMT, ease of use of Steem SMT tokens and if players can do other things with them, for instance like interchange them with ease for other coins of value like Steem.

I see there is a new SMT white paper out, but yet to have time to read.

The game will be free to play, but we are working on concept DLC's which can also be traded for a number of tokens or $.

There are a number of early interested players who will get tokens and be asked to help with dev in the coming months. You can see a bit more here:


I see It's been over 8 months in the making so far :).


24.10.2019 09:00

Thank you for all the extra informaton.

Is there a game account I should follow to keep up to date?

25.10.2019 03:50

This is a good idea thanks - I need to create one actually now that the fundition is complete and it's much further along; I'll make one dedicated and delegate some steem this weekend and let you know.


25.10.2019 07:33

https://steemit.com/@ibt-survival - will be the new account moving forward :)

25.10.2019 09:20

Can Steam have crypto games on it? You got me curious and I typed crypto into Steam and it brought up games about Crypto (ie simulators etc) but I don't think any had actual tokens connected with it and it was just a topic.

25.10.2019 04:41

As I understand the nature of a SMT it doesn't matter what hosts the game - I can reward regardless.

..but to answer your question I have seen nothing in their rules that prevents it, I just think no one has done it.

25.10.2019 07:35

Oh okay, well that's cool then. Good luck with it.

30.10.2019 00:33

As always thanks for the update! Seeing the UI gets me pumped..!!

Dude, looks like your Fundition is now 100% funded?!? 🔥

23.10.2019 18:23

Cool - looks like it has to be done now :)

24.10.2019 08:45