IBT Survival Island Game - Progress Report Nineteen

Time for this weeks update... but first... Wow! the crypto market is certainly on a knife's edge - it could explode or implode...so exciting! Just remember your coins only make or lose at the time you trade them in, so I don't worry too much as I'm in it for fun and the long haul. Still I do hope content makers are keeping their SBD separate for a bit.

Anyways, work goes on regardless of those interesting crypto prices.

Making more items for collecting and feasting on continues; animating such objects is going to take a very long time, so trying to find ways to avoid some of this and move it to DLC

The above is a screen shot from the actual crypto game IBT Survival Island.

This week most of the work was done on customizing items - can't be a survival open world game if you can't customize stuff :)

Some success was made in socket items.

Below you can see out character running around with his backpack, seeking out more items to build stuff.

And that's it for this weeks update - Steemon guys

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Looking nice so far, keen to play this once it is available. Would be the first survival crypto game I have seen and survival is one of my favourite genres!

17.07.2019 10:25

Thanks mate - there is a bit of work to go. The most difficult part is learning how to use the UE4 system from scratch to build it..Interest has been relatively low, so we are going to take our time and really learn everything the UE4 system has to offer to make something pretty cool ..haha well lets hope.

17.07.2019 23:59

I know how it is, I was learning UE4 from scratch too. Interest will grow using BattleGames and as more discover it.

18.07.2019 00:25

Sweet, congrats on the progress. Absolutely pumped for this!

17.07.2019 12:43

@lordnigel Thanks for using the #battIe tag, I'll add the #ibt tag to the battlegames,.io site so peeps can stay up date on your progress! If at all possible would like to connect with you in our Discord, would like to do a feature post on your game development 😎

17.07.2019 16:08

Will do - cheers

18.07.2019 03:57

Nice work mate, love that you put witchety grubs in there too!
Survival Aussie style, find a pair of pluggers to help you run faster!🤣

18.07.2019 00:53

hahaha well anything is possible - I'll add it to this list.

18.07.2019 03:55