The Silent Storm


The Silent Storm

*Never thought that in the end I'd flip the script and change my stance
Now the devil's playing a song in my head and he wants to dance*
*Told them I don't have the time, I'm just here to take what's mine
I've been sleeping through my days cause I fell in love with the night*
*I've been running from the storm, scared it might just wash my sins away
Pain is there to say that everything will be okay*
*It's true, the more I'm getting used to it, the less I really mind
We're creatures of habit and that's something you can't deny*
*Been using my weaknesses as a shield but couldn't take the smell
Of dying dignity as I was hiding from myself*
*And when I found the courage to admit that I was wrong
It was raining silently, I had to come up with a song*
*See, this world is otherworldly, and some humans are inhuman
But I never let them let me down, I had no expectations*
*If I need to fly away I'll grab my pencil and sit tight
And make a story of this storm before it sinks my imagination*

You won't see the sunshine unless you weather the storm.

Challenges make you stronger.
Original Poetry by @lordneroo
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11.12.2019 18:04

Thank you!

11.12.2019 18:08

That's what I do!

11.12.2019 19:14

My dearest @lordneroo,

What a stunning, touching piece of writing. I knew you're a smart young man, but I was unaware of your poetic talents. Well, it should come as no surprise to me. I have always known how good you are with words. I even quoted you in my posts!

I like every single line of this work, but the following ones are very expressive indeed. It's beautiful <3

Been using my weaknesses as a shield but couldn't take the smell
Of dying dignity as I was hiding from myself.

Much love to you all the way from cold, rainy Portugal :*

12.12.2019 15:15

You are the best, hands down!

Thanks for the words of encouragement, it means a lot to me. I'm very happy you enjoyed my lines.

I hope you're having a great day! Much love to you, as always!

12.12.2019 15:56

Shared on Twitter.

Let's make some noise!

12.12.2019 15:50