The Ladder

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The Ladder

*For all there is to know and we refused to ever say
And all there is to see, but couldn't help but look away*
*And all there is to hear with stillness standing in your way
You got it all figured out, this is a special day*
*Refusing to spectate, you're using loopholes in your brain
Blood flowing through your vains, you were made to play this game*
*It feels like nothing changed, and you know that it's all in vain
Living on borrowed time and it's late cause it flies away*
*We never made the most of it, obliged to obey
Lost in the silence of a long delay, just to portray*
*A story that was never told, which aims to convey
The message that you're never safe till you call it a day*
*To know the colours you must rise, which means to lift the weight
In a world of black and white if you're tired of seeing gray*
*If you wanna know the truth, climb the ladder and you'll escape
Just remember to never look back nor care what people say.*

The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think.

Just do you. People will judge you anyway.

Original Poetry by @lordneroo
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