IFC S2R7: Word Challenge - "Wishes"

I wish I could tell you what cannot be told, for you're destined to shine but don't know that you're gold.
I wish I could show you what cannot be shown, since your heart is divine but you've denied your own throne.
I wish I could teach you what cannot be taught, because you're special inside but you think you're worth naught.
I wish I could take you where few get to go, as your love is a guide but fear's all that you know.

I wish I had more to say to make this post seem less empty, but I don't.

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These are some awesome and beautiful lyrics. You're great with language man! Much respect.

I think though that it seems like you got a bit confused with the instructions as your quest was to think of a bonus quest idea, my bad for not making it more clear. Looking back I can see how it would be confusing, some of the other contestants were confused also.

Also it looks like your competitor for the tiebreaker round never got an entry in, so I'm going to give you the win for this round seeing as you at least got an entry in and he did not.

Will be making the official post when we get the final vote in from our last judge we are waiting on. Peace and hope you're doing well!

05.08.2019 03:14

My apologies. I clearly didn't take the time to read closely enough.

As for the delayed response.. Remember who you are speaking to.. Lol. I am guilty of heavily belated responses very often, so no apologies are never necessary. I understand that people get busy, and beyond that, I also understand that sometimes, we just don't have it in us to reply. I certainly don't at times. So, all is good.. And I look forward to the finals!

28.08.2019 22:30

Understood, and no worries. It's nice to hear from you again! :) And yeah, I can relate... All this social media gets to be a bit much at times, I need to spend more time out in nature and the real world, though I keep getting so sucked in and spending so much time in the digital world.

31.08.2019 00:29