Working on getting to 10k SP // Some random thoughts.


I really dont understand some of you folks that make videos every day, post 1000 word articles every day. That kind of commitment and consistency is foreign to me.
And most of you have jobs, maybe a handful of folks can make a living from STEEM.
When i have a busy day, theres no way you could get me to write something here.
Might as well tell me to go run 10k.

But theres this goal i have i want to reach. I actually wanted to reach it for quite some time now. It wasnt 50k or 500k... i was realistic about my potential. lol
I know STEEM is like 15 cents atm and i could probably go and buy the few hundred STEEM im missing but that would feel kind of like cheating.
I want to play this game on hard mode.
When i decided to put in fiat into STEEM i said to myself:

Thats it. That is as much as you will buy and never again.

So really, the only way ill ever get more crypto is if i earn it.
I know, bla bla, "opt out of fiat and opt into crypto" but i want to make something of my portfolio simply by USING what ever opportunity presents itself.
If crypto is ever to be a major player in the financial markets and in our society then growing wealth should be possible inside the system besides the ability to simply buy it.

Right now, i have a few faucets, a few active earning opportunities and a number of goals i want to reach. This is nothing major on its own but together it amounts to quite a bit (in my terms) in the long run.
I mean really, everyone in crypto is sitting there waiting for that 5000% jump and a bull market while they should be happy to have a place where you can increase your portfolio by 300% - 500% at these prices in a couple years by simply using the opportunities that present themselves. Is 500% in a couple a years such a bad deal?

The first stop on the journey for me is hitting 10k on STEEM.

A few months ago when i started zealously accumulating STEEM i knew Orca status was out of the question. My writing aint that good,lol, i suck at making friends.
So i set a realistic goal for me. 2xDolphin.
That sounded reasonable.
I didnt really expect to be reaching my goal this soon though. I looked at Steempeak tools just now and apparently i became a Dolphin on August 5, 3 months ago. I should x2 in a couple days once i see if my card investment payed off. fingers crossed.

Will i make a milestone post? Maybe, probably... Everyone does it, i guess. But really, why ill be proud of it is because even though the alt market went to shit and everything went down 90%+ being able to increase my portfolio shows me that this crypto thing is legit. It functions very much like the real world. If you work for it, you can achieve your goals, if youre smart with your money you can make more.

Anyways... Stay safe and keep on Steeming. ;)

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My target is also 10K and, lately, it is costing so much efforts since my motivation is not in the best moments.

17.11.2019 21:14

But it will happen though. Thats whats brilliant about steem. You know you can reach your goal.

You dont have to watch the market every day like its the be all end all.

17.11.2019 21:40

You have much higher aspirations than I do I think I am at my peak so will see how you progress :) I shall live vicariously through your steempower.

17.11.2019 21:23

Haha. I wont forget you once im on top looking down. Haha 😂😂😂

17.11.2019 21:41

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17.11.2019 21:41

I really dont understand some of you folks that make videos every day, post 1000 word articles every day. That kind of commitment and consistency is foreign to me.

...and attention span for me

18.11.2019 03:18

almost 5k in 3 months, not bad. I did not managed that in almost 2 years :D
i am kinda hoping to become a mammal till end of the year, but not sure if it is possible.

18.11.2019 03:25

Fuck, that's awesome. Good for you for sticking through it. I have some planets on NextColony you could sell if they are worth anything.

18.11.2019 05:41

I have set a goal to reach 10k SP before the end of the year, but I don't think I will make it! :D

18.11.2019 07:54

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