Unpopular opinion // Im happy Cryptotubers got banned from Youtube//

Ive been watching the butthurt develop on crypto twitter all day long over the youtube ban and ive been eating my popcorn and laughing at the screen.

Look... Censorship is bad, no doubt about it but im super happy crypto youtubers got strikes on their accounts because, lets be honest, those guys just dont give two fucks about the alternatives they were aware of for years, the alternatives that have been offering them the exact thing they complain about with youtube.

These guys dont care about decentralization. They dont care about freedom of speech. They dont care about the options that exist out there.

Its all buzz worlds to them. Just platitudes they repeat to create a perception that theyre a part of the "crypto kids gang". All they care about is ad revenue and donations. Go ahead and try to convince me otherwise. STEEM and Steemit.inc fucked up a lot of things but they at least did that one thing right.

All this talk is a bunch of bullshit. I mean even Vitalik responded on this issue to a tweet by CZ about the need of "experimenting" in that regard.
What is he talking about?! Experimenting?
Steem has been here for 3 years and he even talked about STEEM in one of his talks. Hes more then aware of Steem and what it does. Steemit at one point had 100k daily users. Vitalik would give his left nut so ETH as a whole could achieve something remotely close to that.

These people dont believe in a single thing they say. And they are industry leaders. They know what the top 100 cryptos are about, lets not kid ourselves.. I know what theyre about and ive been here less then 2 years.

What matters is that they sell their bags to a greater idiot and that they virtue signal along the way so everyone knows how much they care about "the things that matter".

Crypto youtubers are simply bareass attention seekers that want to make a few bucks by covering news from blockchains with the deepest wallets.
The most biased and most fake news in existence right now comes from crypto youtubers.

They perpetually push forth the established crypto agenda, the part of it that gets the least resistance.

  1. "What pisses the least people off i will report on."
  2. "How badly do big twitter influencers hate this new project?"
  3. "Bitcoin is god, Bitcoin is king, Bitcoin can do no wrong."

Crypto youtubers are nothing more then crypto whores.

Theyle tickle your kiester for some XRP and ETH. Theyle pucker up and give you a juicy kiss on the butt for some BTC.
Theyre the "C" in "Echo chamber".


Fuck em.


Anyways. LOL. To go back to stuff that actually matters.

I know what STEEM is. Andy might be a sugarcoating "playa", Paula might be this and that, Dan a "dumbo shill", Ned a airhead, Aggy a "used carsalesman"... you can think of them what you want, but all of them see the potential in Steem and want to make Steem the best they can in their own way.

Wer all family here no matter the BS and drama.

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25.12.2019 22:34

Not so unpopular, 100% agree with you, the majority of them suck

25.12.2019 22:40

My reaction to people being in the crypto space using YT and other centralized platforms and getting the boot in their asses - particularly if they're Bitcoin maximalists.

Actually I warmly welcome them here and have told a few people about Steem and why they should consider joining.

25.12.2019 22:46

It's a shame most crypto youtubers did not use blockchain-based and censorship-resistant alternatives like Steem, DTube or 3Speak, now they are paying the price for being ignorant.

25.12.2019 22:46

Time to go and tell'em about it. Offer free accounts to them!

25.12.2019 22:52

I would have actually encouraged them to use Youtube or any mainstream option alongside what ever censorship resistant option we have.

What sucks is that they dont even care in the slightest about the alternatives. None of them give Dtube or 3speak a time of day.

The problem is that its all fake news. Crypto news reporters are "whores" that follow the money but never even give attention to things that concern their profession, that are crypto related, that solve their problems because fat wallets dont like their pets giving attention to other projects.

25.12.2019 23:46

Good example is Suppleman, or whatever his handle is.

Minecraft streamer turned “crypto expert”. Give me a break.

26.12.2019 14:02

You're right about the Bitcoin maximalists and other shitheads.

While Vitalik or Zhao are nowhere to be seen on Steem, guess who's still here making regular updates @rogerkver!

I think he's the only deep pocked crypto project figurehead on board. I've never held BCH and I may never do so but you've got to respect the guy for his presence here. Idiots have flagged him but that hasn't stopped him. I guess he's just has fed up with the captains of this industry as we are.

25.12.2019 23:03

I had no clue he was even on steem. He should probably make his presence known otherwise its hard to say if it isnt just some intern reposting.

The point should be in utilising the strenghts we have as the crypto community. Maybe i cant decide if i want to use BTC, EOS, ETH, DGB, MONERO, BCH, BSV as money but i do know Steem is the only one that offers value to any one of the holders of any of those cryptos regardless of their main preference.
You can champion something else and still have use from steem. A concept unfamiliar to crypto.

25.12.2019 23:33

It could be some intern posting because what he posts are mainly YT his videos. But that he has an account at all is quite remarkable. Zhao and Buterin deserve a slap in the face for feigning the level of ignorance suggested by the two tweets. As if they didn't know about Steem, my ass.

I'm guessing Buterin is simply acutely aware that Ethereum has serious trouble scaling and how embarrassingly Crypto Kitties caused the chain to grind to a halt. Advertising Steem as a solution here would highlight the current woes of Ethereum. Anyway, we should all be out there spreading awareness of Steem when the likes of Butering say the blockchain space should try its hand in blockchain-based content delivery.

26.12.2019 01:17

Ver only complains when he is censored on mainstream.

He’s his own brand of maximalist (for BCH). He doesn’t care about Steem either.

If you want more name dropping @fluffypony of Monero has an account here too.

They know, but they’d rather this project not succeed.

26.12.2019 14:00

@aantonop is legit. He's just squatting his own name though, doesn't post.

26.12.2019 15:37

I guess we will know Steem has made it when he does. Lol

26.12.2019 15:39

OMG they flagged rogerver??

26.12.2019 03:31

Those big shits shots will just pat each other on the back when they “experiment” with their own alternatives while there already exist functional products.

25.12.2019 23:44

If Voice fails its pretty much a done deal that you cant do what Steem did when the price was at higher levels.

26.12.2019 13:07

They will continue to pretend what they are looking for doesn’t exist anyhow.

26.12.2019 13:49

Thats exactly how theyre acting. lol.

26.12.2019 14:02

You are correct. If these people are well researched, they are aware of apps like 3Speak and DTube. Yet they do not post on them, for the most part (a few do).

This was the problem for so long with Steemit Inc, they did not use their own product. Crypto YouTubers do not use blockchain applications.

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26.12.2019 00:06

It is kind of hypocritical, is it not? To preach the idea yet not live by what you preach.
And im not saying they need to post exclusive content or move to these alternatives. Im saying that they dont give the alternatives the time of day.

I chalk it up to the platforms being small and if they started talking about Dtube or 3speak that use Steem which is considered a shitcoin by their donators and supporters they would lose their donations. Thats why i call them affectionately "whores".
They sell their integrity and their ideals for some donations and ad revenue.

26.12.2019 16:55

i love it when people make me see something i didn't see before, thanks and another thanks for the many lol moments i had :-)

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26.12.2019 03:09

No problem. lol. :D

26.12.2019 13:08

Good point, they don't care about anything but their precious ad revenue!

26.12.2019 03:19

LOL, is cheap good for nothing whore an oxymoron? lol

26.12.2019 03:21

You missed an apostrophe on can't should be can't like can not but the conjunction!! Also i'll is like i will condensed!

26.12.2019 03:23

Some of these YouTubers may have been posting on YouTube long before the blockchain social media sites came along. It may have been laziness on their part to copy and migrate their extensive body of work. Hopefully, they’ve learned from their procrastination.

The YouTube crypto ban is great. It will make a lot of people check out the blockchain options. And those that checked and forgot will return with more commitment to anti-censorship/ free speech sites.

Sometimes people need to learn lessons the hard way.


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26.12.2019 03:56

Agreed. I just hope they actually do learn and dont crawl back to youtube if the ban lifts.

26.12.2019 13:09

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26.12.2019 09:57

My feeling was a bit WTF when @crypt0 posted about it; although the post was resteemed by me. Thanks for helping, this HODLer extraordinaire, to clarify my reaction a bit better.

Following with interest.

27.12.2019 14:42