Thoughts on Andrew Yang and his presidential campaign.


After seeing @theycallmedan push this initiative to attract attention to Andrew Yangs campaign on Steem and Twitter i was intrigued to look a bit deeper into Yangs narrative.
I opened Youtube and watched 3 things start to finish..

  1. Joe Rogans podcast with Yang
  2. H3H3s podcast
  3. One of the debates.

I came to a few conclusions.

The basic jist of what Yang is talking about is the 4th industrial revolution and the development of technology that will replace low end jobs in the near future.
Self driving trucks, Amazon taking over retail, store clerks being replaced by automation, etc.
He is running on the platform of Universial basic income he calls "Freedom dividends".

Hes argumentation is solid although listening to him it seemed that his argumentation was slightly shallow and not hard hitting enough. While he was able to convince me that these things will eventually indeed become an issue (not only in the US) he did not convince me that the danger is immediate or that he is the necessary factor to facilitate adjustment to this change.

The change he is talking about does seem will be gradual and during those processes taking place the economy will slowly adjust to it naturally, in my opinion.
He does talk about collapse, riots, etc. But i am hardly convinced that those things will have widespread massive effect.
His, lets call it "doomsday scenario" is i think a bit exaggerated.


His UBI proposition is something that makes him extremely interesting to a lot of people. While he does a good job of arguing for it i still think that giving 1000$ per person will be seen as a very "populist" approach that is one of the reasons why mainstream media is ignoring him.
The introduction of UBI is potentially society changing and change is something that establishment is vary of.
On UBI i mostly agree with him. Eventually AI will replace the majority of jobs and direct financial support of citizens that would act as a stake holder in the nations wealth will be a must.
Question is:

How soon can you introduce UBI? Is the next 4-8 years too soon?

He gave a good response to that, which shows me that he was prepared for discussion. Basically what he says is that its better to be early then late. For being early he named a number of things that would benefit the economy by introducing UBI. While he might be reaching a bit, i found his argument on lowered incarceration rate from UBI introduction that would save a significant amount of tax payer money very compelling.
USA has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world of people that commit non violent crimes that are motivated by economic well-being of those committing the crime.
UBI would surely serve those people well. The 1000 USD would then be pumped back into the economy, those that now are not incarcerated remain as parts of society and potentially add to it instead of being a burden.
While it is hard to determine exactly the overarching effects of this it is also hard not to say that the value of keeping people out of prison is much higher then just the value of the tax dollars being spent to keep them there.


Yang seems a very approachable guy and down to earth and i can see his appeal. My impression is positive overall even though i see him lacking the charisma or the conviction i think the presidential candidate should show.
I appreciate him running on a platform like this and raising awareness on UBI and technological advancement that we will all experience in the coming decades instead of simply rehashing the same old "economy will grow, China China, Middle East, Israel, Russia" discussions you hear every day.
The rest of his policies i will not go into but again his presentation on topics like the ones above seem to be lacking depth slightly. I havent looked at other candidates, to be fair, as close as him so i cannot say how he compares. Maybe he is the best out of the pack?

Also, I cant say i feel convinced by him being "a leader of the free world".

Some will say: "But you are by Trump?"

I am not... But i can say that Trump does have a demeanor of a leader even if you want to argue that he is a terrible one.

Id say Yang does have a lot of working for him and a lot of things he can still improve upon. It will be interesting following the presidential election in the coming months especially as someone that used to live in the US.
He definitely deserves moree attention.

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I agree with you on the non-urgency of implementing UBI while I agree with Yang and you that it will be necessity in the long-term. Developed economies do not have a problem on the demand side but rather on the supply side. A lack of qualified workforce is a real problem in some sectors whereas others have a glut of unemployed job seekers.

26.11.2019 12:38

When discussing these things i always get Star trek vibes. :)
Im telling you, Gene Roddenberry will turn out to be the most accurate futurist in history. lol

26.11.2019 14:27

That remains to be seen. :)

26.11.2019 14:39

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26.11.2019 12:41

@lordbutterfly, Funny part is, he also said that, if he will going to become President then he will going to reveal the truth of Area 51. In my opinion this point is effective for election for sure. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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26.11.2019 12:50

Is there really something to reveal about Area 51 that doesnt simply entail army doing weapons research and development?

26.11.2019 14:28

Vote Yang and find out?

27.11.2019 10:09

I cant actually vote yang but if they are keeping tribbles in area 51 id want to know. lol

27.11.2019 10:43

May be aliens πŸ‘Ύ....... 😁 😁

27.11.2019 14:21

I suspect it would be easier to provide some kind of free basic education focused on building the robot and ai infrastructure. Then if that works and doesn't become a dystopian nightmare perhaps ubl can be implemented. Otherwise ubl at this point looks like this to me

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26.11.2019 13:05

Don't really follow him. Let alone STEEM, has anyone seen him acknowledge that crypto actually exists?

26.11.2019 16:05

I don't think he did. I think it's hard to expect him to expand on his platform at this point. The UBI itself is already a big deal to talk about. Taking in crypto could be seen as too much.

Nonetheless I'm glad Dan brought him up to expand our discussions on Steem a bit beyond our fixation on the crypto market.

It is refreshing at least for me to talk about something else.

26.11.2019 16:48

Yeah, Crypto is a mine field, like talk about Internet in 1995 πŸ‘ΊπŸ˜‚

26.11.2019 17:22

I understand the interest and concern of the international community concerning the coming election of the next President of the United States and how it will effect them individually.

That being said... I, as an American, am wary of international influence in our Elections.

... But i can say that Trump does have a demeanor of a leader even if you want to argue that he is a terrible one. β€”@lordbutterfly

One could argue that Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Stalin, Ghengis Kahnahn had the demeanors of a leader, evef terrible ones...

I am not comparing President Trump to the aforementioned historical leaders, yet; I am sorry, President Trump is a traitor to the United States of America, period. It is not an opinion, it is a fact which has been documented over and over again... many times by his own statements.

Today I have made it a point to research #andrewyang by visiting his campaign website and watching videos of interviews. Voting, for me, is not a personality contest, it is a civic duty to be approached after much research and making an informed choice on the candidate.

I see that you have your location as Croatia, @lordbutterfly. Not sure if you are an American Ex-Patriot (which is fine, I having nothing against ex-pats). I am curious though... are you an American Citizen?

This comment is submitted with all due respect and in in no way is nt to be accusatory or argumentative. It is just my response to your thoughts.

26.11.2019 17:34

One could argue that Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Stalin, Ghengis Kahn had the demeanors of a leader, even if terrible ones...

I would never compare Trump to any of those guys but yes, what you said is in fact true. They do have a demeanor of a leader. Some of them more then others but the leadership quality is only one aspect of them just like it is, in my opinion, the lack of it with Yang. It is indeed a quality i can say i look for but it is not a quality that determines my overall judgement by itself.

President Trump is a traitor to the United States of America, period.

Those are heavy words. I cant say i have an opinion on that statement.
I can only judge him from an outside perspective. If he has committed treason as the president i havent yet seen that proven. Is he a good president for Americans or a bad one is not something for me to say.

I see that you have your location as Croatia, @lordbutterfly. Not sure if you are an American Ex-Patriot (which is fine, I having nothing against ex-pats). I am curious though... are you an American Citizen?

I have lived in United States from 1997-1999 in Logan Utah. I finished 2 years of elementary school there and was very close to remaining. Due to various circumstances we decided not to.
I visited quite a bit of times during the years and have friends and well established contacts across the US.
Im very US oriented and have developed a personal interest in US culture and politics.

In this post i didnt really want to push a narrative against any which side. It was mostly a breakdown of some of the things i noticed and i wanted to give my opinion on him as a politician and some of his views i find interesting.

26.11.2019 18:01

I would have given you a 100% up-vote for your response to my comment, yet as I am currently curating posts tagged #yanggang before preparing one of my own, I am being frugal.

Thank you so much for responding to my comment as well as to my inquiry. It is understandable, due to the influence of the United States in world affairs, that the international community has a great interest in our Presidential Elections.

Thank you again for your response and clarifications. I greatly appreciate it!

26.11.2019 18:17

No problem. ;)

26.11.2019 19:32


27.11.2019 00:01

Good times doesn't create weak men, good times creates good people

27.11.2019 10:15

Youve been brainwashed by the left, now snap out of it lol 🀣. Nothing in it says anything about good people. You clearly dont understand it.

29.11.2019 04:26

Eventually AI will replace the majority of jobs a blah blah

I have been hearing this for the last 100 + years.

26.11.2019 18:22

Damn! You must be really old. haha :D

26.11.2019 18:36

I lived 500 years, reincarnated πŸ˜‚

27.11.2019 10:07

Exponential curves

27.11.2019 10:03

I'm not sure the country is quite ready for his style of governance. He started off likeable and now he's morphed into a character. I wish him the very best.

26.11.2019 19:41

Character? We are all characters

26.11.2019 22:22

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26.11.2019 22:58

I think its a sneaky way of implementing a communist tyrannical government, to be honest. Hes better suited on the left.

26.11.2019 23:57

Pretty sure no one wants to implement a communist government. I could be wrong.

27.11.2019 10:44

The redistribution of wealth is Socialism/Communism. We already know where it leads. WAKE UP

29.11.2019 04:27

I like to live in the country of your making. :D

29.11.2019 07:54

XerxesΒ :Β Unlike the cruel Leonidas, who demanded that you stand, I require only that you kneel.

29.11.2019 04:59

Shit... If it was between certain death or untold riches and kneeling. Id kneel too. πŸ˜‚

29.11.2019 12:23

What else will you do for money? πŸ™ƒ

29.11.2019 17:35