The Korean community is at this moment holding Steem hostage, not Justin. // They are the key to all this


Ive browsed a bit through the votes that keep the chain in a stand still and seeing what was happening it is apparent that its not actually Justin in de-facto control of the chain right now... Its the Koreans.

Yes. The guys that post pictures of soup and vote it to $20 and then get mad when a soup hater downvotes the post... lol


But... That aside.. its ok to disagree, thats why #steem is so great.
at this very moment the Korean community could make of break Steem. That is a simple fact. Their Sp if removed from voting for Justin Sun sock puppet witnesses means that we instantly regain control of Steem.

Snimka zaslona 41.png

We could yell at them.. We could plead with them but at the end of the day we have to be honest and say that this is politics and in politics "right" or "wrong" means nothing.
The only thing that matters are your interests.

I personally am not mad at them one bit. I do think they are playing with fire though, since Justin Sun has shown that he is extremely untrustworthy and a borderline mental case.
But what they are doing is more then understandable, them using their "tie-breaker" position for personal gain.

It happens all the time in IRL politics.
2 major parties cant get "majority" in parliament so a smaller party that can give them majority gets to make demands..

So lets talk to them.

Im very much convinced that it will be easier to talk to them then talk to Justin Sun.


As i said, they are playing with fire and this could backfire and blast us all in our faces.
Justin will promise everything and all to them regardless of what that could do to the chain while our side will be very cautious as to what they might offer and what they are even allowed to offer without proper talks and discussions.

The goal i think is very simple and both the Korean community and the rest of the community share it... Get Justin to help develop STEEM without him having power to control consensus.

This is the common ground that we will use to build trust upon.

How we bring that to @justinsunsteemit is the real question and the Kority imo will be might be the key to that.
A third party in the negotiations that can act as a mediator in the talks..
I know plenty of the big Korean accounts are spammers and reward pool abusers but i know for sure there are a significant number of their members that are sensible and smart people.
Hopefully their voices prevail.

Anyways.... Just wanted to share that indeed Koreans are the key (at least for now)... and not Justin.

@blocktrades, @ausbitbank, @netouso, @themarkymark, @starkerz, @aggroed, @theycallmedan, @yabapmatt, @gtg ...

to them...

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08.03.2020 16:19

Great, because the other option is for me to do the talking.

08.03.2020 16:37

I know. Im just trying to relay the importance of our approach in these talks. They need to understand that we have common ground, while Justin will say anything and is not trustworthy.
Together we achieve our goal, apart we all lose.

08.03.2020 17:12

I think it's Steem's PoS in governance voting holding itself hostage.

Going forward, the only way to work towards decentralization is to remove PoS in governance(keep it everywhere else), remove account creation for user's that already have accounts and move towards one account one vote.

Sure, ppl will still be able to create accounts, but if they pay for them, they deserve the one extra vote. Also, reducing a vote to simply a vote will lower the influence it will have.

Currently many whales have multiple whale accounts and they are the ones controlling the platform, not the masses.

08.03.2020 17:05

one account one vote.

This would not work in any way. One account one vote means that guys like bernie or noogano that have thousands of accounts to their name get to control the chain. That is a terrible idea.

"1 SP - 1 vote" is far more sensible.

08.03.2020 17:11

Is there a post you can refer me to that explains that? It doesn't make any more sense to me than the current flawed system that allowed the stand off in the first place.

08.03.2020 17:15

Those are just ideas... 1 SP 1 vote essentially means that if you have 100 SP you get 100 "points" you can use to vote for whoever. If you have 1000 SP you get 1000 "points" to spread to what ever witnesses you want.
(Its not that simple and its not points or SP, but thats how it would work)

08.03.2020 17:24

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